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weak /wiːk/ adjective

کم مقاومت ، سست ، کم دوام ، ضعیف ، کم بنیه ، کم زور ، کم رو ، قانون ـ فقه: ضعیف ، ورزش: ناحیه نزدیک نوک شمشیر ، علوم نظامی: کم دوام
- feeble, debilitated, effete, fragile, frail, infirm, puny, sickly, unsteady
- unsafe, defenceless, exposed, helpless, unguarded, unprotected, vulnerable
- unconvincing, feeble, flimsy, hollow, lame, pathetic, unsatisfactory
- tasteless, diluted, insipid, runny, thin, watery
Antonyms: strong
Contrasted words: stalwart, stout, sturdy, tenacious, tough, dynamic, energetic, forceful, vigorous, certain, secure, solid, stable, sure, dependable, reliable, substantial, able, competent, effective, efficient, adequate, fit, qualified, satisfactory, sufficient, suitable, manly, masculine, virile
Related Words: debilitated, enfeebled, sickly, spindly, weakened, forceless, impotent, impuissant, powerless, hesitant, irresolute, trimming, uncertain, insubstantial, undependable, unreliable, unfit, unqualified, unsuitable, bungling, incompetent, inept
English Thesaurus: weak, frail, shaky, puny, feeble, ...

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weak S3 W2 /wiːk/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: weakling, weakness; verb: weaken; adverb: weakly; adjective: weak]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old Norse; Origin: veikr]

1. PHYSICAL not physically strong:
The illness left her feeling weak.
Poor light produces weak plants.
be too weak to do something
She’s too weak to feed herself.
weak with/from
Nina was weak with hunger.
The animal was weak from loss of blood.
weak heart/lungs etc
My grandfather had a weak heart.

2. LIKELY TO BREAK unable to support much weight:
a weak bridge
too weak to do something
The branch was too weak to support his weight.

3. CHARACTER easily influenced by other people – used to show disapproval:
a weak indecisive man

4. WITHOUT POWER not having much power or influence
weak leader/ruler/king etc
a weak and ineffective president
The party was left weak and divided.
The country is in a weak position economically.

5. WITHOUT INTEREST without the power to interest or amuse people:
The play is well acted but the plot is weak.
a weak joke

6. WITHOUT ENERGY done without energy or confidence:
He managed a weak smile.

7. NOT GOOD AT DOING SOMETHING not good at a particular skill or subject, or in a particular area of activity or knowledge
weak in
New Zealand was weak in defense.
weak on
She speaks quite fluently but she’s weak on grammar.
Be honest about your weak points (=your faults or the things you do not do well).

8. MONEY not financially successful
weak currency/economy etc
The pound was weak against the dollar.

9. ARGUMENT/IDEA not likely to make people believe that something is true or right:
She’s washing her hair? That sounds like a weak excuse!
There are some weak points in her argument.
The defence lawyer clearly knew that his case was weak.

10. DRINK weak tea, beer etc contains a lot of water and has little taste Antonym : strong

11. LIGHT/SOUND difficult to see or hear Synonym : faint:
a weak radio signal
He had only a weak light to see by.

12. weak points/spots the parts of something that can easily be attacked or criticized:
Check your house for weak spots where a thief could enter.

13. weak at the knees feeling strange because of strong emotions:
His smile made her go weak at the knees.

14. weak moment a time when you can be persuaded more easily than usual:
Dave caught me at a weak moment and I lent him £10.

15. the weak/weakest link the person or thing in a situation that is less strong, skilful etc than the others:
Goalkeeper Gouter proved to be the weakest link.

16. weak verb technical a verb that forms regular past tenses Antonym : strong verb

17. weak consonant/syllable one that is not emphasized
—weakly adverb:
‘I’m sorry,’ she said, smiling weakly.
He sank down weakly beside her.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, go | remain | leave sb, make sb When the spasm passed, it left him weak and sweating.
ADV. decidedly, extremely, fundamentally, particularly, very | a bit, comparatively, fairly, pretty, quite, rather, relatively | curiously He complained of feeling curiously weak and faint.
surprisingly | dangerously | lamentably | suddenly Her legs felt suddenly weak.
inherently The judge decided the evidence was inherently weak and inconsistent.
economically, mentally, militarily, physically, politically
PREP. at She's rather weak at maths.
from She was weak from shock.
in He's weak in English.
on The essay was a bit weak on detail.
with He was weak with hunger.
PHRASES weak at the knees His sudden smile made her go weak at the knees.

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