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weakness /ˈwiːknəs, ˈwiːknɪs/ noun

ضعف ، سستی ، بی بنیه گی ، فتور ، عیب ، نقص
مهندسی صنایع: نقطه ضعف ، ضعف ، در مقابل نقطه قوت (Strength)

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- frailty, decrepitude, feebleness, fragility, infirmity, powerlessness, vulnerability
- failing, blemish, defect, deficiency, fault, flaw, imperfection, lack, shortcoming
- liking, fondness, inclination, partiality, passion, penchant, soft spot
English Thesaurus: fault, defect, weakness, flaw, bug, ...

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weakness W3 /ˈwiːknəs, ˈwiːknɪs/ noun
[Word Family: noun: weakling, weakness; verb: weaken; adverb: weakly; adjective: weak]

1. FAULT [countable] a fault in someone’s character or in a system, organization, design etc:
The legislation has a fundamental weakness.
The plan has strengths and weaknesses.

2. LACK OF POWER [uncountable] lack of strength, power, or influence
weakness in
weakness in the economy
weakness of
the growing weakness of local government

3. BODY [uncountable] the state of being physically weak:
muscular weakness
weakness in
weakness in the right arm

4. CHARACTER [uncountable] lack of determination shown in someone’s behaviour:
He couldn’t explain his weakness in giving in to her demands.
I dared not cry or show any sign of weakness.
weakness of
his weakness of character

5. MONEY [uncountable] the condition of not being worth a lot of money
weakness of
the weakness of the pound against the dollar

6. a weakness for something if you have a weakness for something, you like it very much even though it may not be good for you:
I have a real weakness for fashionable clothes.

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I. lack of strength
ADJ. big, fundamental, great, major, serious, significant | small | physical | structural | personal | muscular | political | apparent, perceived exploiting apparent weaknesses in the system
inherent | human
VERB + WEAKNESS have, suffer from | cause, create | exploit | assess, identify | highlight, point out, reveal | minimize, overcome
WEAKNESS + VERB be, lie The greatest weakness of the scheme lies in its lack of government support.
PREP. ~ in Service conditions soon revealed the inherent weaknesses in the vehicle's design.
PHRASES a moment of weakness In a moment of weakness I let him drive my car.
a sign of weakness He saw compromise as a sign of weakness.
strengths and weaknesses The appraisal system seeks to assess employees' strengths and weaknesses.

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II. liking for sth/sb
ADJ. real
VERB + WEAKNESS have I've got a real weakness for chocolate.
develop | overcome
PREP. ~ for He worries a lot about his weight, but can't overcome his weakness for fatty foods.

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