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weigh /weɪ/ verb

کشیدن ، سنجیدن ، وزن کردن ، وزن داشتن ، بازرگانی: وزن کردن ، علوم نظامی: بالا کشیدن لنگر ناو
- have a weight of, tip the scales at (informal)
- consider, contemplate, deliberate upon, evaluate, examine, meditate upon, ponder, reflect upon, think over
- matter, carry weight, count
Related Idioms: amount to some shucks, be something, carry weight, cut (some) ice
Related Words: appraise, evaluate, rate, import, matter, register, signify
English Thesaurus: think, consider, weigh, give something some/a lot of thought, mull something over, ...

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weigh S3 W3 /weɪ/ verb
[Word Family: adjective: overweightunderweight, weighted, weighty, weightless; verb: weigh, outweigh, weight; noun: weight, weights, weighting]
[Language: Old English; Origin: wegan 'to move, carry, weigh']

1. BE A PARTICULAR WEIGHT [linking verb] to have a particular weight:
The young birds weigh only a few grams.
Do you know how much it weighs?
What (=how much) do you weigh?
The box was full of books and weighed a ton (=was very heavy).

2. MEASURE WEIGHT [transitive] to use a machine to discover how much something or someone weighs:
He weighed some potatoes on the scales.
weigh yourself
Have you weighed yourself lately?

3. CONSIDER/COMPARE (also weigh up) [transitive] to consider something carefully so that you can make a decision about it:
It is my job to weigh the evidence.
weigh something against something
We have to weigh the benefits of the scheme against the costs.

4. INFLUENCE [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] formal to influence someone’s opinion and the decision that they make
weigh against
This unfortunate experience will weigh heavily against further investment in the area.
weigh in somebody's/sth’s favour
These facts will weigh in your favour.
weigh with
Her evidence weighed strongly with the judge.

5. weigh your words to think very carefully about what you say because you do not want to say the wrong thing:
He was weighing his words carefully.

6. weigh anchor to raise an anchor and sail away
weigh somebody down phrasal verb

1. if something weighs you down, it is heavy and difficult to carry
be weighed down with something
Sally was weighed down with shopping bags.

2. if a problem weighs you down, it makes you feel worried and upset
be weighed down by/with something
He felt weighed down by his responsibilities.
a family weighed down with grief
weigh in phrasal verb

1. to have your weight measured before taking part in a competition
weigh in at
Higgins weighed in at just over 100 kilos.weigh-in

2. informal to join in an argument or fight
weigh in with
The chairman then weighed in with his views.
weigh on somebody/something phrasal verb
to make someone feel worried and upset:
The desire for peace will weigh heavily on the negotiators.
I’m sure there’s something weighing on his mind.
The burden of responsibility weighed heavily on his shoulders.
weigh something ↔ out phrasal verb
to measure an amount of something by weighing it:
She weighed out half a kilo of rice.
weigh somebody/something ↔ up phrasal verb

1. to consider something carefully so that you can make a decision about it:
We’re still weighing up the pros and cons (=the advantages and disadvantages) of the two options.

2. to watch someone and listen to them carefully so that you can form an opinion about what they are like:
I could see that he was weighing me up.

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I. consider sth carefully
ADV. carefully | up The jury weighed up the evidence carefully.
PREP. against We weighed the cost of advertising against the likely gains from increased business.

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II. be considered important
ADV. heavily, strongly
PREP. against His untidy appearance weighed against him.
in favour of This fact weighed heavily in her favour.
with His evidence weighed strongly with the judge.

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