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wise /waɪz/ adjective
wise , -wise /waɪz/ suffix

کلمه پسوندیست بمعنی' راه و روش و طریقه و جنبه 'و' عاقل' ، خردمند ، دانا ، عاقل ، عاقلانه ، معقول ، فرزانه ، قانون ـ فقه: حکیم ، عاقل
Synonyms: sensible, clever, discerning, enlightened, erudite, intelligent, judicious, perceptive, prudent, sage
Antonyms: unwise, foolish
Contrasted words: dull, obtuse, slow, slow-witted, insensitive, unaware, unknowing, careless, heedless, injudicious, improvident, imprudent, indiscreet, short-sighted, narrow, prim, puritanical, straitlaced, conservative, plodding, square, demure, mannerly, modest, proper, priggish, stuffy
Related Idioms: in the groove, not born yesterday, on the beam
Related Words: aware, grasping, intuitive, sensing, acute, keen, perspicacious, cogitative, contemplative, reflective, thoughtful, astute, sharp, shrewd, canny, discreet, foresighted, provident, sagacious, alert, bright, intelligent, smart, cagey, artful, crafty, cunning, slippery, smooth, tricky, wily, steel-trap, arrogant, brash, cocky, insolent, flip, flippant, impertinent, lippy, saucy
English Thesaurus: intelligent, clever, bright, brilliant, gifted, ...

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Wise, Ernie
see Morecambe and Wise

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I. wise1 S3 /waɪz/ adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: wis]

1. DECISION/IDEA ETC wise decisions and actions are sensible and based on good judgment Synonym : sensible
it is wise to do something
It’s wise to check whether the flight times have changed before you leave for the airport.
be wise to do something
I think you were wise to leave when you did.
a wise precaution
I don’t think that would be a very wise move (=not be a sensible thing to do).

2. PERSON someone who is wise makes good decisions, gives good advice etc, especially because they have a lot of experience of life:
a wise old man
At the time I thought he was wonderful, but I’m older and wiser now.
As a manager, Sanford was wise in the ways of (=knew a lot about) company politics.

3. be none the wiser/not be any the wiser
a) to not understand something even after it has been explained to you:
Charlie explained how the system works, but I’m still none the wiser.
b) used for saying that no one will find out about something bad that someone has done:
He could easily have taken the money and no one would have been any the wiser.

4. get/be wise to somebody/something informal to realize that someone is being dishonest:
Teachers quickly get wise to students who are cheating.wise up at wise2

5. wise guy especially informal American English an annoying person who thinks they know more than they really do:
OK, wise guy, shut up and listen!

6. be wise after the event to realize what you should have done in a situation after it has happened:
It’s easy to be wise after the event.
—wisely adverb:
Invest the money wisely.
He nodded wisely.
wisdom, ⇒ sadder but wiser at sad(6)

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II. wise2 verb
wise up phrasal verb informal
to realize the truth about a bad situation:
Wise up, Vic – he’s cheating you!
wise up to
Consumers need to wise up to the effect that advertising has on them.

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III. wise3 , -wise /waɪz/ suffix
[Language: Old English; Origin: -wisan, from wise 'way, method']

1. price-wise/time-wise etc informal used for saying which feature of a situation you are referring to:
Time-wise we’re not doing too badly.

2. crosswise/lengthwise etc in a direction across something, along the length of something etc:
Cut the carrots lengthwise.
clockwise, streetwise

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VERBS be, look, seem | consider sth, judge sth, think sth It was not considered wise to move her to another hospital.
ADV. extremely, very | always It is always wise to write down important points.

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See: get wise , penny wise and pound foolish , put wise , the wiser

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