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worker /ˈwɜːkə $ ˈwɜːrkər/ noun [countable]

عمله ، کارگر ، ایجاد کننده ، از کار در امده ، عمران: کارگر ، قانون ـ فقه: کارگر
Synonyms: employee, artisan, craftsman, hand, labourer, tradesman, workman
Antonyms: idler
Related Words: artisan, craftsman, handicraftsman, mechanic, employee
English Thesaurus: worker, employee, member of staff/staff member, colleague, workforce, ...

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worker S2 W1 /ˈwɜːkə $ ˈwɜːrkər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: work, workaholic, worker, working, WORKINGS; adjective: workableunworkable, overworked, working; verb: work, rework]

1. someone who does a job, especially a particular type of job:
workers in the tourist industry
reports from local aid workersguest worker, social worker

2. [usually plural] someone who works in an organization and who is not a manager:
conflicts between workers and management
attacks on workers’ rights

3. good/hard/quick etc worker someone who works very well or quickly

4. the workers the members of the working class:
the workers’ revolution

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ADJ. good, hard | productive | fast, quick | methodical, steady | slow | core, key | full-time, part-time | permanent | casual Casual workers are usually paid by the hour.
shift | migrant, seasonal | freelance | self-employed | paid | voluntary, volunteer | low-paid | redundant, unemployed | retired | female, male, woman | black, white | immigrant | fellow | average One night in these expensive hotels costs around the average worker's monthly wage.
skilled | unskilled | semi-skilled | blue-collar, manual | clerical, office, white-collar | professional | shop-floor | private-sector, public-sector | council, municipal | assembly-line, factory, manufacturing, production | construction | metal | maintenance | railway, transport | agricultural, farm, rural | care, community, health, healthcare, hospital, social, welfare, youth | rescue | aid, relief | charity | field, research | domestic | postal
VERB + WORKER employ, have | engage, hire, recruit, take on | dismiss, fire, lay off, make redundant, sack | exploit The union accused the firm of exploiting its workers.
WORKER + VERB work | run sth, staff sth The shop is staffed by one paid worker and three volunteers.
lose a job 400 workers have lost their jobs.
demand sth Workers demanded fair wages and better working conditions.
vote The workers voted for industrial action.
(be on) strike, walk out The workers walked out last month after a failure to agree all the terms for the 110 lay-offs.
WORKER + NOUN participation worker participation in decision making
PHRASES the exploitation of workers, workers' demands, worker's rights
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a skilled worker (=one who has special skills)
There is a shortage of skilled workers.
an unskilled worker
Some ex-miners now had jobs as unskilled workers in factories.
a part-time worker
A high percentage of the female staff were part-time workers.
a full-time worker
The bureau has only two full-time workers.
a temporary/casual worker (=working somewhere for a limited period of time)
Employees were fired and replaced with temporary workers.
a manual/blue-collar worker (=someone who does physical work)
Manual workers often live close to their workplace.
a white-collar worker (=someone who works in an office, a bank etc)
In the past, white-collar workers tended to work for one company for a long time, rather than changing jobs.
a low-paid worker
As part-time, low-paid workers, many women earned very little.
a factory/farm/office worker
Factory workers threatened strikes.
a research/rescue/health etc worker
Rescue workers searched the rubble all night looking for survivors.
a construction worker (=someone who builds buildings, bridges etc)

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