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acting /ˈæktɪŋ/ adjective

ایفای نمایش ، جدی ، فعال ، کاری ، کفالت کننده ، کفیل ، متصدی ، عامل ، بازیگری ، جدیت ، فعالیت ، کنشی
- performance, characterization, impersonation, performing, playing, portrayal, stagecraft, theatre
- temporary, interim, pro tem, provisional, substitute, surrogate

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I. acting1 /ˈæktɪŋ/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: act, actioninaction, activityinactivity, reaction, interaction, overacting; adjective: acting, activeinactive; verb: actoveract; adverb: actively]
acting manager/head teacher/director etc someone who does an important job while the usual person is not there, or until a new person is chosen for the job

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II. acting2 noun [uncountable]
the job or skill of performing in plays and films ⇒ drama

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ADJ. brilliant, excellent, good | bad, poor, wooden The film is spoiled by some very wooden acting.
VERB + ACTING do I did quite a lot of acting when I was at college.
ACTING + NOUN career, profession

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