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action /ˈækʃən/ noun

اژیرش، فرمان حاضر به تیر، جنگ عملیات، کنش، کردار، فعل، اقدام، رفتار، جدیت، جنبش، حرکت، اشاره، تاثیر، اثر جنگ، نبرد، پیکار، اشغال نیروهای جنگی، گزارش، وضع، طرز عمل، (حق). اقامه ء دعوا، جریان حقوقی، تعقیب، بازی، تمرین، سهم، سهام شرکت، کامپیوتر: عمل، عمران: عامل، معماری: کار، شیمی: عمل، روانشناسی: عمل، بازرگانی: اقدام، عمل، ورزش: عمل، علوم نظامی: عملیات جنگی، علوم دریایی: جنگ
ارسال ایمیل
الکترونیک: کنش، اقدام، عمل، کامپیوتر: اثر، کنش، عمل، شیمی: کنش، عمل، تربیت بدنی: اقدام، تجارت خارجی: نبرد، جنگ، علوم دریایی: کنش، جنبش، عمل، اژیرش، کردار، کار، معماری: فرمان حاضر به تیر، کار، اقدام، جنگ عملیات، عملیات جنگی، علوم نظامی: عمل، عامل، عمران: کنش، عمل، روانشناسی: کنش، عمل، اقتصاد: کنش، کردار، کار، عمل، فعل، اقدام، رفتار، جدیت، جنبش، حرکت، جریان، اشاره، تاثیر، اثر جنگ، نبرد، پیکار، اشغال نیروهای جنگی، گزارش، وضع، طرز عمل، (حق).اقامه ی دعوا، جریان حقوقی، تعقیب، بازی، تمرین، سهم، سهام شرکتکامپیوتر: حرکت

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- deed, accomplishment, achievement, act, exploit, feat, performance
- lawsuit, case, litigation, proceeding, prosecution, suit
- energy, activity, force, liveliness, spirit, vigour, vim, vitality
- movement, activity, functioning, motion, operation, process, working
- battle, clash, combat, conflict, contest, encounter, engagement, fight, skirmish, sortie
Related Words: discharge, effectuation, execution, fulfillment, performance, activity, behavior, operation, reaction, work, procedure, proceeding, process, affray, combat, conflict, fray
English Thesaurus: action, act, act of violence/kindness/defiance etc, activities, behaviour, ...

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I. action1 S1 W1 /ˈækʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: act, actioninaction, activityinactivity, reaction, interaction, overacting; adjective: acting, activeinactive; verb: actoveract; adverb: actively]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin actio, from agere; ACT1]

1. DOING SOMETHING [uncountable] the process of doing something, especially in order to achieve a particular thing:
The government must take action (=do something) now to stop the rise in violent crime.
action on
Environmental groups want tougher action on pollution from cars.
She was looking forward to putting her ideas into action (=doing the things she had planned).
Ambulance crews are ready to spring into action (=suddenly start doing something) if anything goes wrong during the race.

2. SOMETHING DONE [countable] something that someone does
quick/swift/prompt action
Her prompt actions probably saved my life.
The child could not be held responsible for his actions (=he was too young to be blamed for them).
defend/justify your action(s)
The chief of police tried to justify his actions.

3. in action someone or something that is in action is doing the job or activity they are trained or designed to do:
photos of ski jumpers in action
see/watch something/somebody in action
I’d like to see the new computer system in action.

4. out of action
a) broken and not working:
The photocopier is out of action again.
b) injured and unable to do anything
put/keep somebody out of action
The injury will keep him out of action for a month.

5. FIGHTING [uncountable] fighting during a war:
There have been reports of widespread enemy action in the area.
killed/wounded in action (=killed or wounded while fighting)
His father was killed in action in Vietnam.
530 servicemen were reported missing in action (=they were never seen again after a battle).
The men were sent into action with little or no training.
He had seen action (=been involved in fighting) in Korea.

6. LEGAL [uncountable and countable] a legal or formal process to decide whether someone has done something wrong:
They are threatening to take legal action against the hospital (=start a court case against them).
The director faces disciplinary action (=official action to punish him).
The matter is now the subject of a court action (=a court case).
The students agreed to drop their action (=decided not to continue with a court case or an official complaint).
The sisters brought a libel action against the newspaper (=started a court case).

7. EXCITEMENT [uncountable]
a) informal exciting things that are happening:
There hasn’t been much action around here for months.
New York is where all the action is.
b) an action film has a lot of exciting scenes in it, in which people fight, chase, and kill each other:
Gibson became famous in action movies.
a TV action hero

8. THE EVENTS IN A STORY/FILM ETC the action the events in a story, film, play etc:
Most of the action takes place in San Francisco.
The action opens (=starts) in a barbershop.

9. MOVEMENT [uncountable and countable] the way something moves or works
action of
the action of the heart
a smooth braking action

10. EFFECT [uncountable] the effect that a substance, especially a chemical, has on something
action of
The drug blocks the action of the cancer gene.
action on/upon
the action of alcohol on the liver

11. action group/committee etc a group formed to change a social or political situation – often used in names:
the Child Poverty Action Group

12. a piece/slice of the action informal an opportunity to be involved in an event or activity, especially one that will be enjoyable or will make money:
If you want a slice of the action, tickets may still be available.

13. actions speak louder than words used to say that you are judged by what you do, and not by what you say

14. action! used by film directors to give the instruction to begin filming:
Lights, camera, action!
affirmative action

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II. action2 verb [transitive] formal
to do a specific thing that needs to be done, especially after discussing it:
How are we actually going to action these objectives?

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I. process of doing sth
ADJ. decisive, effective, firm, strong, vigorous | immediate, prompt, swift, urgent | drastic, emergency The situation calls for drastic action.
collective, concerted, joint, united | direct, positive | evasive | corrective, remedial | disciplinary, legal, military, political, strike Disciplinary action will be taken against students who cheat. (see also industrial action)
VERB + ACTION take | call for | agree on The leaders have agreed on joint action to combat terrorism.
leap/spring/swing into The emergency services swung into action as soon as the disaster was reported.
carry out, perform, take Only the priest can perform these actions. We shall take whatever actions are necessary.
galvanize/prod/spur sb into We have to galvanize people into action.
bring/put sth into We need to put these ideas into action.
keep/put sb/sth out of A fire has put the factory out of action.
PREP. in ~ I have not yet seen the machines in action.
out of ~ He is out of action following an ankle injury.
~ against against drug dealers
~ on The government is taking strong action on refugees.
PHRASES a course of action Is this the best course of action to follow?

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II. legal case
ADJ. court | civil, criminal, libel
VERB + ACTION bring, take out Her husband brought a civil action against her after their divorce.
PREP. ~ against

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III. fighting
ADJ. enemy He was killed during enemy action.
VERB + ACTION see I never saw action during the war.
PHRASES killed/missing/wounded in action He was reported missing in action.

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take action (=do something to deal with a problem)
The government must take action to control inflation.
demand/call for action (=ask forcefully)
Voters are demanding tougher action on gun crime.
swing/spring/leap into action (=suddenly start doing something)
The fire crew immediately swung into action.
put something into action (=start doing something you have planned to do)
She was looking forward to putting her plans into action.
The committee uses the expertise of local organisations to put these ideas into action.
immediate/prompt/swift action
The public wants immediate action to stop the terrorists.
urgent action (=that needs to be done immediately)
The Opposition called for urgent action to reduce unemployment.
firm/tough action
We need firm action to deal with the problem.
decisive action (=that has a big effect on the way something develops)
We are urging the international community to take decisive action on debt relief.
drastic action (=that has a very severe effect)
The President decided to take drastic action.
further action
No further action is necessary.
direct action (=that is aimed at making a government or company do something)
In a bid to stop whale hunting, Greenpeace have threatened direct action.
political action
Some forms of political action are more effective than others.
industrial/strike action (=that workers take in order to protest about pay, working conditions etc)
The miners voted in favour of industrial action.
joint action (=that two or more countries, organizations etc take together)
Community leaders agreed to take joint action on scientific, social and environmental issues.
a course of action
Have you decided on a course of action?
a plan of action
The General outlined his plan of action for the campaign.
Environmental groups have put forward an action plan.
be killed/wounded in action (=killed or wounded while fighting)
Four of her sons have been killed in action.
be missing in action (=used to say that a soldier has not returned after a battle and their body has not been found)
A further 9,000 allied military personnel are still officially listed as missing in action.
see action (=be involved in fighting)
By the time he was 20 he’d seen action in the Gulf War and Bosnia.
go into action
American soldiers are going into action against the Mujahadin.
be sent into action
He declared that French soldiers will not be sent into action in Iraq.
military action
America is not ruling out military action against Iran.
enemy action
The ship was damaged by enemy action.
legal action
The singer threatened legal action against the magazine.
court action
The couple are still considering whether to take court action.
a libel action (=taken against someone who has writen or printed untrue statements about you)
Judge Johan Kreigler dismissed a libel action brought against two newspapers.
a civil action (=involving business or property, rather than a crime)
The victim can seek damages in a civil action.
take legal action
He is within his rights to take legal action.
face legal action
The council demanded that we remove the posters, or face legal action.
bring a legal action
Justice Mayor ruled that she cannot bring a legal action for damages against the plaintiff.

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BAD: The actions that we do everyday are made easier by computers.
GOOD: The things that we do everyday are made easier by computers.
BAD: If someone has done a wrong action, he should be punished.
GOOD: If someone has done something wrong, he should be punished.

Usage Note:
Do and action cannot be used together. Use do + things/something/ anything etc: 'She's always doing things for charity.' 'Don't do anything that might upset them.'

BAD: It is difficult to forgive those responsible for actions of terrorism.
GOOD: It is difficult to forgive those responsible for acts of terrorism.
BAD: Blackmail is the action of trying to obtain money from someone by threatening to expose them.
GOOD: Blackmail is the act of trying to obtain money from someone by threatening to expose them.

Usage Note:
an/the act of (doing) sth (NOT action ): 'Such acts of violence will not be tolerated.' 'For some people, the very act of talking to a doctor can help them to feel better.'

BAD: Few people are aware that an urgent action is needed.
GOOD: Few people are aware that urgent action is needed.
BAD: The government should take an action to reduce the birth rate.
GOOD: The government should take action to reduce the birth rate.

Usage Note:
When you are talking about the idea or process of doing something, action is uncountable: 'There is too much talk and not enough action.'
In the phrase take action, action is always uncountable: 'This illegal trade will continue unless action is taken to stop it.'

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abrasive action action agent action at low action current action deferred action film/movie action for avoidance action for cancellation action for damages action front action group/committee action in personam action in rem action information center action letter action man action mission ship action noun action on the blade action oriented management report action packed action parameters action period action point action post action potential action principle action replay action report action research action script action statement action station action station relaxed action stations action system action tendency affirmative action air defense action area all talk and no action angle of action antisubmarine action appropriate action automatic action bar one from his action biocidal action bring an action against someone bringing an action capillary action characteristic action chose in action civic action civil action civil military action class action class action lawsuit column action community action concerted action containing action corrosive action course of action court action criminal action cross action cumulative action cutting action decisive action delay action delay action firing delay action fuse delay action voltage delayed action delaying action demand/call for action direct action disciplinary action divert action double action double action cam drawing press double action door double action drawing press double action press drastic action end action energy dissipation action field of action fight a rearguard action flexural action fuze action gas cumulative action go into action immediate action impact action impulse action inductive action industrial action industrial/strike action integral action factor joint action killed in action killed/wounded in action law of mass action legal action legal action/proceedings libel action libel action/case/trial local action locking action mass action mass action law mine action missing in action out of action passing action permissive action link personal action piece of the action piece/slice of the action plan of action police action political action committee possessory action prepare for action preventive action property in action pump action put into action put into action/effect/practice put out of action put/keep out of action quantum of action qui tam action quick action quick in action radius of action real action recourse action reflex action repeat action key retrofit action right of action rouse to action scene of action see action see/watch in action self action shock action single action slice of the action social action splitting a cause of action spring into action suit the action to the word surface action plotting table swing into action swing/spring/leap into action take action take evasive action things in action urgent action vexatious action wounded in action zone of action

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