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attendant /əˈtendənt/ noun [countable]

خدمتکار ، سرپرست ، همراه ، ملازم ، مواظب ، وابسته ، علوم مهندسی: نگهبان کشیک
- assistant, aide, companion, escort, follower, guard, helper, servant
- accompanying, accessory, associated, concomitant, consequent, related

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I. attendant1 /əˈtendənt/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: attention, attendant, attentivenessinattentiveness; verb: attend; adverb: attentivelyinattentively; adjective: attentiveinattentive]

1. someone whose job is to look after or help customers in a public place:
a car park attendant

2. someone who looks after a very important person, for example a king or queen

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II. attendant2 adjective formal
relating to or caused by something
attendant problems/difficulties/dangers etc
nuclear power, with all its attendant risks
attendant on
Drugs are one of the issues attendant on running a school.

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ADJ. car park, cloakroom, garage, lavatory, museum, petrol pump, pool Pool attendants kept a constant watch on the swimmers.
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