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attentive /əˈtentɪv/ adjective

مواظب ، ملتفت ، متوجه ، بادقت
- intent, alert, awake, careful, concentrating, heedful, mindful, observant, studious, watchful
- considerate, courteous, helpful, kind, obliging, polite, respectful, thoughtful
Antonyms: absent, inattentive, neglectful
Contrasted words: absorbed, abstracted, bemused, preoccupied, absentminded, daydreaming, faraway, oblivious, wandering, woolgathering, aloof, indifferent
Related Idioms: all ears (or eyes), on the ball, paying attention
Related Words: alert, aware, mindful, agog, eager, interested, keen, concentrating, earnest, intent, open-eared, open-eyed

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attentive /əˈtentɪv/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: attention, attendant, attentivenessinattentiveness; verb: attend; adverb: attentivelyinattentively; adjective: attentiveinattentive]

1. listening to or watching someone carefully because you are interested Antonym : inattentive:
an attentive audience

2. making sure someone has everything they need
attentive to
Customers want companies that are attentive to their needs.
—attentively adverb
—attentiveness noun [uncountable]

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