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attention /əˈtenʃən/ noun

فرمان خبردار ، حالت خبردار ، به جای خود به گیرندگان جهت اطلاع ، اخطار جهت اطلاع به ، توجه ، مواظبت ، دقت ، خاطر ، حواس ، ادب و نزاکت ، (نظ). خبردار ، حاضرباش (باحرف بزرگ) ، رسیدگی ، روانشناسی: توجه ، ورزش: شمشیرباز اماده برای مبارزه ، علوم نظامی: برسد به دست ، علوم دریایی: خبردار
- concentration, deliberation, heed, intentness, mind, scrutiny, thinking, thought
- notice, awareness, consciousness, consideration, observation, recognition, regard
- care, concern, looking after, ministration, treatment
Antonyms: inattention
Contrasted words: absence, absentmindedness, abstraction, detachment, remoteness, withdrawal, disinterest, indifference, unconcern, unmindfulness, disregard, heedlessness, insensibility, unawareness, unconsciousness, neglect, negligence, aloofness, discourtesy
Related Words: assiduity, diligence, industry, sedulity, sedulousness, notice, observation, regard, remark, absorption, engrossment, immersion, intentness, awareness, consciousness, mindfulness, sensibility, deference, homage, honor, reverence, benignity, considerateness, consideration, kindliness, solicitude

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attention S2 W1 /əˈtenʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: attention, attendant, attentivenessinattentiveness; verb: attend; adverb: attentivelyinattentively; adjective: attentiveinattentive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: attentio, from attendere; attend]

1. LISTEN/LOOK/THINK CAREFULLY [uncountable] when you carefully listen to, look at, or think about someone or something:
My attention wasn’t really on the game.
She tried to pay attention to what he was saying.
If you paid more attention in class, you might actually learn something!
Scott sat down at his desk and turned his attention to the file he had in front of him.
As a society we need to give more attention to the needs of older people.
Now he’s gone, I can give you my undivided attention.
This game is fun and is sure to keep the attention of any young student.
They listened to the speech with close attention.
Attention to detail is essential in this job.
During the lecture Sarah’s attention began to wander.

2. INTEREST [plural, uncountable] the interest that people show in someone or something:
She was flattered by all the attention he was giving her.
attract/receive/enjoy attention
a player who quickly attracted the attention of several clubs
The exhibition received little attention in the press.
public/media/press attention
Her case attracted a great deal of media attention.
hold/keep sb’s attention (=make someone stay interested and keep reading, listening, watching etc)
The book holds the reader’s attention right to the very end.
Rob loves being the centre of attention (=the person who everyone is interested in, listens to etc).
She spent a lot of time trying to avoid the attentions (=romantic interest) of her boss.
The man then turned his attentions to (=became romantically interested in) her sister.

a) attract/catch/get sb’s attention to make someone notice you, especially because you want to speak to them or you need their help:
She waved to attract the attention of the waitress.
b) get attention to make someone notice you and be interested in what you are doing:
Children often misbehave in order to get attention.
c) draw/call attention to something (also focus attention on something) to make people notice and be concerned or think about something:
The purpose of the article was to draw attention to the problems faced by single parents.
We wanted to focus public attention on this matter.
He left quietly to avoid drawing attention to himself.
d) divert/distract/draw attention from something to make people stop being concerned about something such as a social problem:
All this talk of war is just an attempt to draw attention away from the serious economic problems that face our country.
e) bring something to sb’s attention to tell someone, especially someone in authority, about something such as a problem:
The matter was first brought to my attention earlier this year.
f) come to sb’s attention if something such as a problem comes to the attention of someone in authority, they find out about it:
It came to my attention that Jenny was claiming overtime pay for hours she had not worked.
g) escape your attention if something escaped your attention, you did not notice it:
This fact had not escaped the attention of the authorities.

4. REPAIR/CLEANING [uncountable] something you do to repair or clean something:
The bike’s in fairly good condition, but the gears need a bit of attention.

5. CARE [uncountable] things that you do to help or to take care of someone or something:
Pets need a lot of care and attention.
Anyone who comes into contact with these chemicals should seek urgent medical attention.
Your plants look like they could do with a bit of attention.

6. stand to/at attention if soldiers stand to attention, they stand up straight in neat lines

7. attention!
a) used to ask people to listen to important information that is being announced, especially on a loudspeaker (=piece of equipment used to make sounds louder):
Attention, please! Could Passenger Marie Thomas please proceed to Gate 25 immediately.
b) used when ordering a group of soldiers to stand up straight in neat lines

8. for the attention of somebody used on the front of an official letter when you want a particular person to read it or deal with it:
Letters should be marked ‘for the attention of Joe Benson’.

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I. act of watching/listening/showing interest
ADJ. full, rapt, undivided They listened with rapt attention.
assiduous, careful, close, meticulous, scrupulous | scant Policy-makers paid scant attention to the wider issues.
urgent | special | unwanted, unwelcome | international, media, public
VERB + ATTENTION devote, direct, give (sb/sth), pay, turn How many times do I have to ask you to pay attention? He had a cup of tea and then turned his attention to the report.
get, have, receive Can I have your attention, please? These poems have received a lot of critical attention.
attract, call, capture, catch, command, compel, draw, excite, grab I tried to attract the waiter's attention. Wherever he goes, he commands attention. She doesn't like to draw attention to her illness.
deflect, distract, divert, draw The government is trying to divert attention away from the economy.
hold, keep, rivet There was something in the way he spoke that riveted her attention.
concentrate, confine, focus In this chapter we shall confine our attention to non-renewable energy sources.
refocus, transfer The firm decided to refocus its attention back onto its traditional strengths and expertise.
deserve, need, require a matter requiring urgent attention
jostle for, vie for dozens of concerns jostling for your attention She was surrounded by men all vying for her attention.
repay an interesting essay that repays close attention
bring sth to My boss was grateful that I had brought the matter to his attention.
come to | avoid, escape Her primary aim was to avoid the attentions of the newspapers.
ATTENTION + VERB focus Media attention focused today on the prince's business affairs.
wander I felt my attention wandering during the lecture.
PREP. for sb's ~, for the ~ of a letter for the attention of your doctor
PHRASES attention to detail He is a designer known for his meticulous attention to detail.
care and attention He was convicted of driving without due care and attention.
the centre of attention Some children love being the centre of attention.
the focus of attention The focus of attention must now be how to improve the economy.
force your attentions on sb A man like Luke had no need to force his attentions on unwilling women.
not pay much attention to sth, pay little/no attention to sth (= not take something very seriously) Pay no attention to what Bill said?he's a complete liar!

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II. care
ADJ. constant | individual, personal, special The child needs special attention.
VERB + ATTENTION devote, give, lavish He devoted all his attention to his mother. She lavishes attention on those silly little dogs.
be in need of, need, require, want a patient requiring attention

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pay attention to something/somebody
He read the final page, paying particular attention to the last paragraph.
turn your attention to something/somebody
She quickly put away the shopping and then turned her attention to preparing dinner.
give something/somebody your attention (=think about something/somebody so that you can deal with a problem)
She promised to give the matter her attention the next day.
sb’s attention wanders (=somebody stops listening, watching etc carefully)
During the service, her mind began to wander.
sb’s full/complete/undivided attention
He gave the task his undivided attention.

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BAD: Everyone should pay attention to avoiding stressful situations.
GOOD: Everyone should take care to avoid stressful situations.
BAD: Pay attention when refuelling and try not to spill any petrol.
GOOD: Be careful when refuelling and try not to spill any petrol.

Usage Note:
When talking about a situation that could be dangerous or harmful, use be careful or take care (NOT pay attention ): 'When the road surface is wet, drivers should take extra care.' 'Be careful to keep all medicines out of the reach of children.'

BAD: People should pay more attention on what they eat.
GOOD: People should pay more attention to what they eat.

Usage Note:
pay attention to sb/sth (NOT on/in/at ): 'This part of the course pays special attention to the spoken language.'

BAD: When driving, you must give your best attention to what you are doing.
GOOD: When driving, you must give your full attention to what you are doing.

Usage Note:
full/undivided attention : 'I assure you that this matter will receive our undivided attention.'

BAD: The attention is a bit slow, but the waiters are always polite.
GOOD: The service is a bit slow, but the waiters are always polite.

Usage Note:
service = the help and attention that you get from the people who work in a shop or restaurant: 'We complained about the poor service.'

BAD: To the attention of: Mrs H. Greaves, Principal.
GOOD: For the attention of: Mrs H. Greaves, Principal.

Usage Note:
for the attention of (NOT to/at )

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