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Ball, Lucille /luːˈsiːl/
ball /bɔːl $ bɒːl/ noun

بیضه ، گلوله توپ ، ساچمه ، گوی ، توپ بازی ، مجلس رقص ، رقص ، ایام خوش ، گلوله کردن ، گرهک ، علوم مهندسی: توپ ، ورزش: توپ دور از دسترس توپزن ، علوم نظامی: توپ

: ball (basketball)

ورزش: توپ بسکتبال به وزن 00 6تا 0 65گرم

: ball (handball)

ورزش: توپ هندبال به وزن 425 تا 475 گرم برای مردان و 325 تا 00 4گرم برای زنان
Synonyms: sphere, drop, globe, globule, orb, pellet, spheroid
Contrasted words: block, cube, dice, chunk, hunk, lump, disperse, spread, strew
Related Words: egg, oval, ovoid, bead, pill, clot, wad
English Thesaurus: dance, ball, prom, formal, disco, ...

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Ball, Lucille /luːˈsiːl/
I Love Lucy

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I. ball1 S1 W2 /bɔːl $ bɒːl/ noun
[Sense 1-7, 10-17: Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old Norse; Origin: böllr]
[Sense 8-9: Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: bal, from Old French baller 'to dance', from Late Latin ballare, from Greek ballizein]

1. ROUND OBJECT [countable] a round object that is thrown, kicked, or hit in a game or sport
throw/hit/kick/catch etc a ball
Weiskopf hit the ball 330 yards and a cheer went up.
a tennis/golf/cricket etc ball

2. ROUND SHAPE [countable] something formed or rolled into a round shape:
a ball of string
Shape the dough into balls.

3. GAME/SPORT [uncountable] any game or sport played with a ball, especially baseball or basketball:
D'you want to go out and play ball?
Dad likes college ball.

4. FOOT/HAND the ball of the foot/hand the rounded part of the foot at the base of the toes, or the rounded part of the hand at the base of the thumb

5. on the ball informal able to think or act quickly and intelligently:
an assistant who’s really on the ball

6. set/start/keep the ball rolling to start something happening:
To start the ball rolling, the government was asked to contribute £1 million.

7. the ball is in sb’s court it is their turn to take action or to reply:
I’ve emailed him – now the ball’s in his court.

8. FORMAL OCCASION [countable] a large formal occasion at which people dance

9. have a ball informal to have a very good time

10. balls [plural] informal not polite
a) testicles
b) courage:
I didn’t have the balls to ask.
c) British English spoken something that is stupid or wrong Synonym : nonsense:
That’s a load of balls!balls1

11. a fast/good/long etc ball a ball that is thrown, hit, or kicked fast etc in a game or sport:
He hit a long ball to right field.

12. CRICKET no ball a ball that is thrown too high, low etc towards someone trying to hit it, in the game of cricket or rounders

13. BASEBALL no ball [countable] a ball that the hitter does not try to hit, because it is not within the correct area

14. the whole ball of wax American English informal the whole thing Synonym : everything

15. a ball of fire informal someone who has a lot of energy and enthusiasm

16. keep several/too many etc balls in the air to struggle to deal with more than one problem or job at the same time:
The company just won’t be able to keep that many balls in the air.

17. drop the ball (also take your eye off the ball) to make a mistake when dealing with something because you stop thinking carefully or paying attention

18. ball-buster/ball-breaker informal
a) a problem that is very difficult to deal with
b) an offensive word for a woman who uses her authority over men
cannonball, crystal ball, wrecking ball, ⇒ play ball at play1(7)

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II. ball2 verb [transitive]

1. (also ball up) to make something form a small round shape:
Ray balled up his fists.

2. American English informal not polite to have sex with a woman

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noun costume, fancy dress, masked
I. round object in games We're going to a masked ball.
ADJ. billiard, cricket, golf, rugby,
VERB + BALL have, hold, organize tennis, etc. | beach | match, We're organizing a charity ball.
practice attend, go to
VERB + BALL play with | bat, blast,
BALL + NOUN gown bounce, bowl, chip, dribble,
ADJ. at a/the ~ She met him at
head, hit, kick, roll, strike, throw The kids love to kick a ball against my wall.the college ball.
clear, cross, pass | catch, stop He caught the ball.
control, trap | chase She chased the ball all over the pitch.
retrieve, run down | return The fielders try to retrieve the ball quickly and return it to the bowler.
miss The goalkeeper missed the ball.
drop, let go of Oh no! He's dropped the ball.
handle | give away, lose | win | retain
BALL + VERB fly, go, roll, sail The ball flew over the bar into the sea of Middlesbrough fans. The ball's gone over the fence.
hit, land The ball hit the wall and rolled along the road.
bounce, rebound
BALL + NOUN game | control, skills His ball control was excellent.
 ⇒ Special page at SPORT

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II. kick/hit of a ball
ADJ. good, great, superb | bad, loose | high, low He sent over a high ball.
long, short | quick, slow | cross, through a superb through ball from John Scott
hand He was penalized for hand ball.
VERB + BALL play, send | pick up, pounce on, punish He pounced on a loose ball and scored.
PREP. ~ from a great ball from Beckham

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III. round object like a ball
ADJ. tight | fiery The sun was a fiery ball, low on the hills.
crystal (= used for telling fortunes) Without a crystal ball it's impossible to say where we'll be next year.
cannon, musket
VERB + BALL curl/roll (up) into The little girl curled up into a ball in her mother's arms.
form/make sth into, roll/screw sth (up) into, shape sth into He screwed the letter up into a tight ball.
PHRASES a ball of fire/flame, a ball of string/wool
PHRASES a ball and chain (figurative) The responsibility was a ball and chain around my ankle.

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III. party
ADJ. college, charity, hunt |

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throw a ball
Suzy threw the ball to Matthew.
catch a ball
He’s useless at sport; he can’t even catch a ball.
hit a ball
He swung the bat back and hit the ball hard.
kick a ball
Greg kicked the ball upfield to Will.
bounce a ball
He was in the yard bouncing a ball against the wall.
get the ball
Then the Cowboys got the ball again.
miss a ball (=not catch or hit it)
I was trying hard but I kept missing the ball.
a ball rolls
The ball just rolled past the hole.
a ball flies/sails
The ball flew over the goalkeeper’s head and into the net.
a ball bounces
In tennis, the ball must only bounce once.
a ball rebounds (=hits something and moves back and away from it again)
The ball hit the goalpost and rebounded.
a tennis/cricket/golf/rugby etc ball
She was practising hitting golf balls.
a ping-pong/billiard/snooker etc ball
He was bouncing around like a ping-pong ball.
a beach ball (=a large light ball used on the beach)
Dad, will you blow up the beach ball?
a ball game
He’s always watching ball games on TV.
ball skills
Practising ball skills helps a child’s coordination.

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