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connected /kəˈnektəd, kəˈnektɪd/ adjective

بسته ، متصل
کامپیوتر: بسته متصل

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Synonyms: linked, affiliated, akin, allied, associated, combined, coupled, joined, related, united

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connected /kəˈnektəd, kəˈnektɪd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: connection, connectedness, connector; verb: connectdisconnect; adjective: connecteddisconnectedunconnected]

1. to be joined to something else or joined to a large system or network
connected to
The light is connected to a timer.
a computer connected to the Internet
connected by
a series of artificial lakes connected by waterfalls

2. if two facts, events, people etc are connected, there is some kind of relationship between them
connected with
problems connected with drug abuse
everyone connected with the film industry
Mr Edelson was closely connected with Trinity College.

3. well connected having important or powerful friends or relatives

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