connectedness ●●○○○
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connectedness /kəˈnektədnəs, kəˈnektɪdnəs/ noun [uncountable]

connected: بسته ، متصل
connectedness /kəˈnektədnəs, kəˈnektɪdnəs/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: connection, connectedness, connector; verb: connectdisconnect; adjective: connecteddisconnectedunconnected]

1. the feeling people have that they are members of a group in society and that they share particular qualities with other members of that group:
Human beings have a need for both independence and connectedness.

2. the degree to which people are connected by electronic technology such as the Internet and email
connectedness between/with
Computers have increased the connectedness between physicians and patients.

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