deepen ●●●○○
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deepen /ˈdiːpən/ verb

گود کردن ، گودشدن
Synonyms: intensify, grow, increase, magnify, reinforce, strengthen

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deepen /ˈdiːpən/ verb
[Word Family: noun: deep, depth; adjective: deep, deepening; verb: deepen; adverb: deeply]

1. GET WORSE [intransitive] if a serious situation deepens, it gets worse – used especially in news reports:
The recession continues to deepen.
a deepening international crisis

2. BECOME STRONGER [intransitive and transitive] to become stronger or greater, or to make something stronger or greater:
Jeanne liked Simon as a friend but she did not want the relationship to deepen.
The idea only deepened his gloom.
The mystery deepened (=became even more mysterious).
Students explore new ideas as they deepen their understanding (=understand more) of the subject.

3. EXPRESSION ON SB’S FACE [intransitive] literary if someone’s smile or frown deepens, they smile even more or frown even more:
Her worried frown deepened.

4. WATER [intransitive and transitive] if water deepens, or if someone deepens it, it becomes deeper:
The river deepens beyond the town.
The harbour was deepened to take bigger boats.

5. COLOUR [intransitive] literary if light or a colour deepens, it becomes darker:
The twilight deepened.

6. SOUND [intransitive] if a sound deepens, it becomes lower:
His voice deepened as he relaxed.

7. BREATH [intransitive] if your breathing deepens, you take more air into your lungs

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