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deeply /ˈdiːpli/ adverb

Irregular Forms: (adv.) deeper (>)

- thoroughly, completely, gravely, profoundly, seriously, severely, to the core, to the heart, to the quick
- intensely, acutely, affectingly, distressingly, feelingly, mournfully, movingly, passionately, sadly

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deeply W3 /ˈdiːpli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: deep, depth; adjective: deep, deepening; verb: deepen; adverb: deeply]

1. used to emphasize that a belief, feeling, opinion etc is very strong, important, or sincere:
Her lies hurt my father deeply.
She is deeply upset.
He loves her deeply.
Teachers are deeply divided on this issue.
deeply held religious beliefs

2. in a serious, careful way:
Most doctors think deeply about what their patients want.

3. a long way into something
deeply into
John kept sinking more deeply into the mud.

4. breathe deeply to take a large breath of air into your lungs

5. sleep deeply to be in a deep sleep, from which it is hard to wake up

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See BELIEVE 3 (believe), HOPE 3 (hope) , KNOW 3 (know) , RELATED 2 (related) , THINK 4 (think) , UNDERSTAND 2 (understand)

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