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depth /depθ/ noun

ارتفاع ، ژرفا ، عمق ، قعر ، گودی ، علوم مهندسی: گودی ، عمران: گودی ، روانشناسی: ژرفا ، ورزش: بازیگر سرنوشت ساز ، علوم نظامی: گودی
کامپیوتر: ارتفاع

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- deepness, drop, extent, measure
- insight, astuteness, discernment, penetration, profoundness, profundity, sagacity, wisdom
Contrasted words: shallowness, altitude, elevation, superficiality, unprofoundness, sciolism, smatter, smattering
Related Words: profoundness, profundity, lowness, sounding, draft, sense, wisdom, wiseness, brain, intellect, intelligence, keenness, sharpness

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depth S3 W3 /depθ/ noun
[Word Family: noun: deep, depth; adjective: deep, deepening; verb: deepen; adverb: deeply]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: deep]

1. [countable usually singular, uncountable]
a) the distance from the top surface of something such as a river or hole to the bottom of it ⇒ deep:
a sea with an average depth of 35 metres
to/at a depth of something
The cave descends to a depth of 340 feet.
Plant the beans at a depth of about six inches.
a metre/foot etc in depth (=deep)
a channel of two feet in depth
b) the distance from the front to the back of an object:
The depth of the shelves is about 35 cm.

2. [uncountable] how strong an emotion is or how serious a situation is
depth of
the depth of public feeling on this issue
People need to realize the depth of the problem.

3. [uncountable]
a) (also depths) the quality of having a lot of knowledge, understanding, or experience
depth of knowledge/understanding/experience
I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge.
a man of great depth and insight
She’s quiet, but perhaps she has hidden depths.
b) when a lot of details about a subject are provided or considered:
Network news coverage often lacks depth.
The subject was discussed in great depth.

4. be out of your depth
a) to be involved in a situation or activity that is too difficult for you to understand or deal with:
I felt completely out of my depth at the meeting.
b) British English to be in water that is too deep for you to stand in

5. the depths of something when a bad feeling or situation is at its worst level:
She was in the depths of despair.
The country was recovering from the depths of recession.

6. the depths of the ocean/countryside/forest etc the part that is furthest away from people, and most difficult to reach:
Astronomers may one day travel to the depths of space.

7. the depths of winter the middle of winter, especially when it is very cold

8. the depths literary the deepest parts of the sea

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ADJ. considerable, great going down to great depths below the surface Younger students cannot be expected to have great depth of understanding.
shallow Water normally moves more slowly at shallower depths.
abyssal the abyssal depths of the ocean
black, dark, murky | surprising, unexpected the unexpected depth of his feelings for her
emotional music of great emotional depth
PREP. at ~ The camera must be strong enough to resist the immense water pressure at depth.
at/from/to a ~ of These fish are found at a depth of over 100 metres.
at/from/to a … ~ The clam burrows in the sand to a considerable depth.
in ~ I studied phonology in depth at university.
out of your ~ I don't like going out of my depth in the sea.
~s of The rejection plunged her into the dark depths of despair.
PHRASES the depths (of the ocean/sea) sharks lurking in the murky grey depths of the sea
depth of emotion/feeling The demonstration showed the depth of feeling against the war.
the ocean depths

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See: beyond one's depth

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