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earthly /ˈɜːθli $ ˈɜːrθli/ adjective

خاکی ، زمینی
- worldly, human, material, mortal, secular, temporal
- possible, conceivable, feasible, imaginable, likely, practical
Contrasted words: celestial, empyreal, empyrean, heavenly, ideal, utopian, divine, spiritual
Related Words: carnal, corporeal, earthbound, physical, material, temporal, unspiritual, imaginable, potential

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earthly /ˈɜːθli $ ˈɜːrθli/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: earth, earthling, earthiness; adjective: earthy, earthlyunearthly, earthen; verb: unearth; adverb: earthward(s)]

1. no earthly reason/use etc no reason, use etc at all:
I see no earthly reason why he shouldn’t come.

2. [only before noun] literary connected with life on Earth rather than in heaven:
our earthly pleasures
an earthly paradise

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