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unearth /ʌnˈɜːθ $ -ˈɜːrθ/ verb [transitive]

از زیرخاک در اوردن ، افتابی کردن ، از لانه بیرون کردن ، از زیردراوردن ، حفاری کردن
- discover, expose, find, reveal, uncover
- dig up, dredge up, excavate, exhume
Related Words: exhibit, expose, show, disclose, reveal, delve, dig
English Thesaurus: find, discover, locate, come across something, stumble on/across something, ...

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unearth /ʌnˈɜːθ $ -ˈɜːrθ/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: earth, earthling, earthiness; adjective: earthy, earthlyunearthly, earthen; verb: unearth; adverb: earthward(s)]

1. to find something after searching for it, especially something that has been buried in the ground or lost for a long time:
Farmers still sometimes unearth human bones here.
In one shop, I unearthed a wonderful collection of 1920s toys.

2. to find information or the truth about something or someone Synonym : dig up:
The inquiry unearthed some disturbing evidence.

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