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ease /iːz/ noun [uncountable]

شل کردن ، راحتی ، استراحت رسایی ، اسانی ، سهولت ، اسودگی ، راحت کردن ، سبک کردن ، ازاد کردن ، علوم نظامی: راحت
- easiness, effortlessness, facility, readiness, simplicity
- content, comfort, happiness, peace, peace of mind, quiet, serenity, tranquillity
- rest, leisure, relaxation, repose, restfulness
- relieve, alleviate, calm, comfort, lessen, lighten, relax, soothe
- move carefully, edge, inch, manoeuvre, slide, slip
Antonyms: effort
Contrasted words: labor, toil, travail, adversity, difficulty, burden, care, worry, discomfort, unrest, agony, pain, awkwardness, clumsiness, maladroitness, stiffness, woodenness, constraint, inconvenience, pains, exertion, afflict, torment, bind, restrain, tighten, hinder, impede, retard
Related Idioms: clear (or prepare) the way (for), grease the wheels, open the door (to or for)
Related Words: idleness, inactivity, inertia, inertness, passivity, supinity, calmness, security, decrease, diminishment, moderation, reduction, calming, soothing, adroitness, artfulness, cleverness, deftness, effortlessness, expertise, expertness, fluency, knack, poise, skillfulness, smoothness, dispatch, efficiency, deaden, dull, ameliorate, help, disengage, free, release, aid, assist, better, improve, forward, further, promote, speed

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I. ease1 /iːz/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: ease, unease, easiness, uneasiness; adverb: easily, uneasily, easy; adjective: easy, uneasy; verb: ease]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: aise 'comfort']

1. with ease if you do something with ease, it is very easy for you to do it Synonym : easily:
They won with ease.
The security codes could be broken with relative ease.
I was impressed by the ease with which the information could be retrieved.

2. at ease feeling relaxed, especially in a situation in which people might feel a little nervous
at ease with
She felt completely at ease with Bernard.
put/set somebody at (their) ease (=make someone feel relaxed)
She had an ability to put people at their ease.

3. ill at ease not relaxed:
You always look ill at ease in a suit.

4. ease of application/use etc written how easy something is to use etc, or the quality of being easy to use etc:
It emphasizes the software’s convenience and ease of use.
for ease of something
The bowl is removable for ease of cleaning.

5. the ability to feel relaxed or behave in a natural relaxed way:
He had a natural ease which made him very popular.

6. a life of ease a comfortable life, without problems or worries

7. (stand) at ease used to tell soldiers to stand in a relaxed way with their feet apart

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II. ease2 W3 verb
[Word Family: noun: ease, unease, easiness, uneasiness; adverb: easily, uneasily, easy; adjective: easy, uneasy; verb: ease]

1. IMPROVE [intransitive and transitive] if something unpleasant eases, or if you ease it, it gradually improves or becomes less
ease the pain/stress/tension
He’ll give you something to ease the pain.
ease the pressure/burden
This should ease the burden on busy teachers.
measures to ease congestion in the city
Her breathing had eased.

2. MAKE EASIER [transitive] to make a process happen more easily Synonym : smooth:
The agreement will ease the way for other countries to join the EU.

3. MOVE [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] to move yourself or something slowly and carefully into another place or position:
She eased her shoes off.
ease yourself into/through etc something
He eased himself into a chair.
ease your way past/through etc something
He eased his way through the crowd.
Jean eased back on the pillows and relaxed.

4. ease your grip to hold something less tightly

5. ease sb’s mind to make someone feel less worried about something:
It would ease my mind to know you had arrived safely.
ease (somebody) into something phrasal verb
if you ease yourself or someone else into a new job etc, you start doing it gradually or help them to start:
After the baby, she eased herself back into work.
ease off phrasal verb

1. if something, especially something that you do not like, eases off, it improves or gets less Synonym : ease up:
The rain had eased off a bit.
Why don’t you wait until the traffic eases off a little?

2. ease off on somebody to stop being unpleasant to someone or asking so much from them
ease out phrasal verb

1. if a vehicle eases out, it slowly moves forward into the traffic

2. ease somebody ↔ out to make someone leave a job, a position of authority etc, in a way that makes it seem as if they have chosen to leave
ease up phrasal verb

1. to work less hard or do something with less energy than before:
Just relax and ease up a little.

2. to start doing something less
ease up on
You should ease up on the whisky.

3. to improve or get less Synonym : ease off:
The snow was easing up.

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ADJ. alarming, astonishing, consummate, great, remarkable I obtained the drugs with alarming ease.
comparative, relative | apparent I was surprised at the apparent ease with which he had got into the building.
contemptuous She returned her opponent's serve with contemptuous ease.
PREP. for ~ in The back of the garment is split for ease in walking.
for ~ of The whole machine is designed for ease of use.
with ~ They passed the exam with ease.
~ of The car brings ease of access to the countryside.

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I. make sth less painful/serious/difficult
ADV. considerably, greatly The situation would be considerably eased if more money were made available.
slightly, somewhat | gradually, slowly | away The pain in my leg gradually eased away.
VERB + EASE help (to) The new road should help ease traffic problems.
begin to Tensions between the two countries are beginning to ease.
try to

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II. move carefully
ADV. carefully, gently | away, back, down, forward, etc. Jean eased back on the pillows and relaxed.
PREP. away from, into He eased himself into the driving seat.
out of She carefully eased the car out of the garage

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with great/considerable ease (=very easily)
The car handles these mountain roads with great ease.
with apparent ease (=seeming easy, although this may not be the case)
I was amazed by the apparent ease with which she got through the security system.
with comparative/relative ease (=seeming easy, especially considering how difficult something is)
Most modern laptops can store large amounts of data with comparative ease.
with consummate ease formal (=in a way that shows great skill and so makes something difficult look very easy)
It was a beautiful goal, scored with consummate ease.

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See: at ease or at one's ease , ill at ease

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