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uneasy /ʌnˈiːzi/ adjective

ناراحت ، مضطرب ، پریشان خیال ، بی ارام
- anxious, disturbed, edgy, nervous, on edge, perturbed, troubled, twitchy (informal), uncomfortable, worried
- awkward, insecure, precarious, shaky, strained, tense, uncomfortable
Antonyms: easy
Related Idioms: on pins and needles
Related Words: anxious, careful, concerned, solicitous, worried, agitated, disquieted, disturbed, perturbed
English Thesaurus: nervous, tense, uneasy, on edge, neurotic, ...

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uneasy /ʌnˈiːzi/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: ease, unease, easiness, uneasiness; adverb: easily, uneasily, easy; adjective: easy, uneasy; verb: ease]

1. worried or slightly afraid because you think that something bad might happen
uneasy about
Ninety percent of those questioned felt uneasy about nuclear power.

2. used to describe a period of time when people have agreed to stop fighting or arguing, but which is not really calm
uneasy peace/truce/alliance/compromise
The treaty restored an uneasy peace to the country.

3. not comfortable, peaceful, or relaxed:
She eventually fell into an uneasy sleep.
—uneasily adverb:
Bill shifted uneasily in his chair.
Charles’ concern for the environment sits uneasily with (=does not fit well with) his collection of powerful cars.
—uneasiness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get, grow We were starting to grow slightly uneasy.
remain | make sb
ADV. decidedly, deeply, distinctly, extremely, profoundly, very | increasingly | a bit, a little, rather, slightly, somewhat, vaguely | strangely
PREP. about I felt distinctly uneasy about lending her so much money.

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an uneasy peace
There was an uneasy peace in the region for nearly three years before the conflict flared up again.
an uneasy truce
It was an uneasy truce, however, and tension was never far from the surface.
an uneasy calm
Things seemed quiet enough, but it was an uneasy calm.
an uneasy alliance/relationship
The government is based on an uneasy alliance between Christian Democrats and Socialists.
an uneasy compromise
The result was an uneasy compromise which no-one liked.

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