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easily /ˈiːzəli, ˈiːzɪli/ adverb

به اسانی ، ورزش: بردن با فاصله زیاد
Synonyms: without difficulty, comfortably, effortlessly, readily, smoothly, with ease, with one hand tied behind one's back
Antonyms: laboriously
Contrasted words: awkwardly, clumsily, ineptly, stiffly, arduously, wearily, apparently, perhaps, probably, seemingly, doubtfully, equivocally, questionably
Related Idioms: hands down, slick as a whistle, no doubt
Related Words: competently, dexterously, efficiently, fluently, handily, simply, actually, assuredly, certainly, clearly, decidedly, indeed, really, truly, undoubtedly

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easily S2 W1 /ˈiːzəli, ˈiːzɪli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: ease, unease, easiness, uneasiness; adverb: easily, uneasily, easy; adjective: easy, uneasy; verb: ease]

1. without problems or difficulties:
They won quite easily.
We found the house easily enough.
easily accessible/available etc
The castle is easily accessible by road.
easily understood/identified etc
It’s easily recognised by its bright blue tail feathers.

2. could/can/might easily used to say that something is possible or is very likely to happen:
The first signs of the disease can easily be overlooked.
Gambling can all too easily become an addiction (=used to say that something bad is very possible).

3. easily the best/biggest etc definitely the best etc:
She is easily the most intelligent person in the class.

4. in a relaxed way:
His son grinned easily back at him.

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BAD: These computers can be used easily.
GOOD: These computers are easy to use.

Usage Note:
subject + be easy to use/make/read etc: 'Her English is very easy to understand.' 'The old manager was much easier to get along with.'

BAD: In London you easily get from one place to another.
GOOD: In London it's easy to get from one place to another.

Usage Note:
It's easy (for sb) to do sth : 'It's easy to get lost in London.' 'It's easy to see why everyone likes him.'

BAD: The next morning I didn't get up easily.
GOOD: The next morning I found it difficult to get up.
GOOD: The next morning I had difficulty (in) getting up.

Usage Note:
Instead of using a negative verb with easily, use an affirmative verb with difficult/difficulty : 'I find Carl's handwriting very difficult to read.' 'Sometimes it's difficult to know what to do.'

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See: breathe easily or breathe freely

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