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entrance /ˈentrəns/ noun
entrance /ɪnˈtrɑːns $ -ˈtræns/ verb [transitive usually passive]

ورودی ، (n.) درون رفت ، ورودیه ، اجازه ورود ، حق ورود ، دروازه ءدخول ، ورود ، بار ، درب مدخل ، اغاز(vt.) مدهوش کردن ، دربیهوشی یاغش انداختن ، (مج) ازخودبیخودکردن ، زیادشیفته کردن ، معماری: مدخل
مهندسی صنایع: ورودی

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- way in, access, door, doorway, entry, gate, opening, passage
- appearance, arrival, coming in, entry, introduction
- admission, access, admittance, entrée, entry, permission to enter
- enchant, bewitch, captivate, charm, delight, enrapture, enthral, fascinate
- mesmerize, hypnotize, put in a trance
Antonyms: egression, exiting, exit
Contrasted words: departure, egress, emergence, emerging, emigration, exit, disappoint, disgust, repel, repulse, bore
Related Words: arrival, coming, incoming, ingoing, penetration, access, aperture, opening, threshold, open door, gladden, please, rejoice, attract, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, fascinate, enthrall, hypnotize, spellbind

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I. entrance1 S3 W3 /ˈentrəns/ noun
[Word Family: noun: entrance, entrant, entry; verb: enter]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: entrer; enter]

1. [countable] a door, gate etc that you go through to enter a place Antonym : exit
entrance to/of
the main entrance to the school
front/back/side entrance
the station entrance
entrance hall/foyer/gate etc

2. [countable usually singular] the act of entering a place or room, especially in a way that people notice:
Bridget made a dramatic entrance into the room.

3. [uncountable] the right or ability to go into a place
entrance to
Entrance to the museum is free.
Reporters even managed to gain entrance to her hotel.
How much is the entrance fee (=money you pay to get in somewhere)?

4. [uncountable] permission to become a member of or become involved in a profession, university, society etc:
the initial interview for entrance to the Civil Service
entrance examinations

5. [countable] when a person, country, organization etc first becomes involved in a particular area of activity
entrance into
The referendum blocked Switzerland’s entrance into the European Economic Area.

6. make your/an entrance to come onto the stage in a play

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II. entrance2 /ɪnˈtrɑːns $ -ˈtræns/ verb [transitive usually passive] literary
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: trance]
if someone or something entrances you, they make you give them all your attention because they are so beautiful, interesting etc:
I was entranced by the sweetness of her voice.
—entranced adjective [not before noun]:
She stopped, entranced.
—entrancing adjective:
entrancing stories

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I. door/place through which you enter sth
ADJ. narrow, wide | main | back, front, rear, side | cave, church, harbour, school, tunnel, etc.
VERB + ENTRANCE use While the front door is being repaired, please use the side entrance.
mark The little porch marked the entrance to a churchyard.
have The building has only one entrance.
block She stood firm, blocking the entrance.
ENTRANCE + NOUN area, foyer, hall, lobby | door, doorway, gate, porch | passage
PREP. at the ~, by a/the ~ The band left by the rear entrance to escape photographers.
in the ~ She stood in the entrance to the ward.
through the ~ Go through the main entrance into the yard.
~ from There is a back entrance from West Street.
~ into the entrance into the car park
~ to He was waiting at the entrance to the cave.

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II. act of coming in
ADJ. dramatic, grand
VERB + ENTRANCE make She made a grand entrance once all the guests were assembled.
gain Some of the protesters tried to gain entrance to the meeting.
PREP. ~ into her entrance into politics

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III. right to enter a place
VERB + ENTRANCE gain students hoping to gain entrance to university
ENTRANCE + NOUN charge, fee | ticket an entrance ticket to the zoo
requirements | exam/examination

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the main entrance
She found a parking space close to the hospital's main entrance.
the front/back/rear/side entrance
There is a long drive with steps leading to the front entrance.
a narrow entrance
I could see part of the yard through the narrow entrance.
a wide entrance
There was a wide entrance at the front of the building.
the hotel/hospital/museum etc entrance
Our taxi pulled up outside the hotel entrance.
the harbour entrance British English, the harbor entrance American English
We watched as the ferry approached the harbour entrance.
the tunnel entrance
At high tide, the tunnel entrance is totally submerged.
come/go/pass etc through an entrance
People passed in single file through the narrow entrance.
use an entrance
It's quicker to use the side entrance.
block an entrance
A large stone blocked the entrance to the tomb.
an entrance hall (=a room at the entrance to a building)
He walked through the front door into the entrance hall.
an entrance lobby/foyer (=an area at the entrance to a large building)
There was no sign of her in the entrance foyer.
an entrance gate/door
Soldiers were guarding the entrance gate.

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