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fishy /ˈfɪʃi/ adjective

مثل ماهی ، ماهی دار ، (مج). مورد تردید ، مشکوک
- suspicious, dodgy (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. informal), dubious, funny (informal), implausible, odd, questionable, suspect, unlikely
- fishlike, piscatorial, piscatory, piscine

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fishy /ˈfɪʃi/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: fish, fishing, fishery; verb: fish; adverb: fishily; adjective: fishy]

1. informal seeming bad or dishonest Synonym : suspicious:
There’s something very fishy about him.

2. tasting or smelling of fish:
a fishy smell

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VERBS be, look, seem, smell, sound It all sounds very fishy to me.
ADV. very | definitely, distinctly | a bit
PHRASES something fishy There was definitely something fishy going on.

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to be strange and suspicious or unlikely
Something is fishy with the man's excuse for being late for work.

"Something is fishy with these numbers. There are too many people on this list."

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