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friend /frend/ noun [countable]

رفیق ، دوست کردن ، یاری نمودن
- companion, buddy (informal), chum (informal), comrade, mate (informal), pal, playmate
- supporter, ally, associate, patron, well-wisher
Antonyms: foe
Contrasted words: enemy, adversary, antagonist, opponent, competitor, rival
Related Words: alter ego, best friend, bosom friend, ally, colleague, partner, nodding acquaintance
English Thesaurus: friend, acquaintance, mate, buddy, pal, ...

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Friend noun
a member of the Christian group called the Society of Friends; Quaker

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I. friend1 S1 W1 /frend/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: friend, friendliness, friendship, friendly; adjective: friendlyunfriendly, friendless; verb: befriend]
[Language: Old English; Origin: freond]

1. PERSON YOU LIKE someone who you know and like very much and enjoy spending time with:
Jerry, this is my friend Sue.
She’s always out with her friends.
One of her closest friends died at the weekend.
I met Jim through a friend.

2. be friends (with somebody) to be someone’s friend:
I’ve been friends with the Murkets for twenty years.

a) make friends to become friendly with people:
Jenny has always found it easy to make friends at school.
b) make friends with somebody to become friendly with someone:
He made friends with an old fisherman.

4. be just (good) friends used to say that you are not having a romantic relationship with someone:
I’m not going out with Nathan – we’re just good friends.

5. SUPPORTER someone who supports an organization such as a theatre, art gallery, charity etc by giving money or help
friend of
the Friends of the Tate

6. NOT AN ENEMY someone who has the same beliefs, wants to achieve the same things etc as you, and will support you:
our friends and allies around the world
She shot him a quick glance as if unsure whether he was friend or foe.
Don’t worry, you’re among friends.

7. someone who has created a link with you on a social networking site on the Internet, by visiting your webpage and clicking on it:
She has thousands of friends on MySpace.

a) my honourable friend used by a member of parliament when speaking about another member of parliament
b) my learned friend used by a lawyer when speaking about another lawyer in a court of law

9. be no friend of something to not like or be a supporter of something:
I’m no friend of socialism, as you know.

10. Friend a member of the Society of Friends Synonym : Quaker

11. our/your friend spoken used humorously to talk about someone you do not know, who is doing something annoying:
Our friend with the loud voice is back.

12. have friends in high places to know important people who can help you

13. a friend in need someone who helps you when you need it

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II. friend2 verb [transitive]
to add someone to your list of friends on a social networking site:
I never friend someone I haven’t met in real life.

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ADJ. best, bosom, close, dear, good, great, intimate, real, special Her best friend at school was called Anna. I'm inviting only my closest friends to the party.
faithful, loyal, true | lifelong, long-standing, old It was so relaxing to be among old friends.
female, male, woman He was last seen leaving a restaurant with a female friend.
fair-weather People he had trusted turned out to be only fair-weather friends (= stopped being his friends when he was in trouble).
mutual We met each other through a mutual friend.
family, personal | childhood, school Do you keep in touch with any school friends?
VERB + FRIEND become They became friends after meeting on holiday.
remain, stay We stayed friends even after we grew up and left home.
find, make He finds it difficult to make friends. She's made friends with the little girl who lives next door.
win He won't win any friends if he carries on talking like that.
have She doesn't have many good friends.
PHRASES a circle of friends He introduced me to his circle of friends.
a friend of mine, yours, etc. I was given this necklace by a good friend of mine.

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sb’s best friend (=the friend you like the most)
Fiona was her best friend.
a good/close friend (=one of the friends you like the most)
She’s a good friend of mine.
a dear friend (=a friend who is very important to you)
I’d like you to meet a dear friend of mine.
an old friend (=someone who has been your friend for a long time)
We went to see some old friends who had moved to Harlow.
a lifelong friend (=someone who has been your friend for the whole of your life)
The two men were lifelong friends.
a childhood friend (=someone who was your friend when you were a child)
She had been a childhood friend of Tony Walker.
a school friend
I met some old school friends for lunch.
a family friend
He’s visiting family friends.
a personal friend
Mr Hutton is a close personal friend of my father.
a mutual friend (=someone who is a friend of both you and someone else)
They went to a mutual friend’s home for dinner.
a firm friend (=a friend you like a lot and intend to keep)
They had remained firm friends ever since they first met.
a trusted friend
She told only a few trusted friends.
male/female friends
Most of my male friends are married now.
have a friend
Suzie has plenty of friends.
become friends
Liz and Vanessa soon became friends.
remain friends
We have all remained friends despite some difficult times.
a friend of mine/yours/Bill’s etc
A friend of mine is going to Tokyo next week.
a friend of a friend
I managed to get tickets from a friend of a friend.
sb’s circle of friends (=all the friends somebody has)
Her small circle of friends used to play cards together.

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