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friendship /ˈfrendʃɪp/ noun

دوستی ، رفاقت ، اشنایی ، روانشناسی: دوستی
Synonyms: goodwill, affection, amity, attachment, concord, familiarity, friendliness, harmony, intimacy
Antonyms: animosity
Contrasted words: antagonism, antipathy, hostility, rancor, hate
Related Words: affinity, attraction, empathy, accord, concord, consonance, harmony, alliance, coalition, federation, fusion, league

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friendship W3 /ˈfrendʃɪp/ noun
[Word Family: noun: friend, friendliness, friendship, friendly; adjective: friendlyunfriendly, friendless; verb: befriend]

1. [countable] a relationship between friends
friendship between
The friendship between father and youth deepened.
friendship with
his friendship with Sam
her close friendship with her aunt
a lifelong friendship
The two boys formed a deep and lasting friendship.
He and Bob struck up a friendship (=began to be friends).

2. [uncountable] the feelings and behaviour that exist between friends:
I could always rely on Gary for friendship and support.
The Indians have extended the hand of friendship (=shown that they want to be friends with another country).

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ADJ. beautiful, close, intimate, deep, firm, great, warm Their quarrel meant the end of a beautiful friendship. They formed a close friendship at university.
innocent Their affair had started out as an innocent friendship.
eternal, lasting, lifelong, long, long-standing They made vows of eternal friendship to each other. It was a period of her life when she made some lifelong friendships.
VERB + FRIENDSHIP develop, establish, form, make, start up, strike up He finds it difficult to make lasting friendships. Jo struck up a friendship with a girl on her course.
cement We cemented our friendship with a meal and a few drinks.
cultivate He's keen on cultivating his friendship with the Edwards family.
promote The aim of the culture festival is to promote friendship between the two countries.
renew It will be a pleasure to renew our friendship.
destroy, spoil, wreck How can you let such a silly incident wreck your friendship?
betray He betrayed our friendship by revealing my secret to his cousin.
FRIENDSHIP + VERB develop Friendships need time to develop.
PREP. ~ between He was jealous of the friendship between his wife and daughters.
~ with Her mother did not approve of her friendship with Ahmed.
PHRASES bonds/ties of friendship The ties of friendship between us will never be broken.
the hand of friendship The president extended the hand of friendship towards the country's former enemy.
a gesture of friendship In a gesture of friendship, the president invited his former enemies to a reception.
an offer of friendship She offended them by turning down their offer of friendship.
a spirit of friendship We hope the spirit of friendship and cooperation between our countries will remain strong.
a token of your friendship Please accept this gift as a token of our friendship.

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start a friendship
Their friendship started after they met at a conference.
strike up a friendship
He and Matthew struck up a friendship.
form a friendship
The two girls soon formed a friendship.
a friendship develops
Friendship often develops on the basis of shared interests.
renew a friendship (=become friends again)
They renewed their friendship after the war.
destroy/spoil a friendship
Their friendship was spoilt after a fierce argument.
a close friendship
Ron had formed a close relationship with Andrea.
a firm friendship (=one that is strong and not likely to change)
I established a firm friendship with Terence.
a lasting friendship
This began a lasting friendship between the two women.
a long-standing friendship (=one that has existed for a long time)
There is a long-standing friendship between the two countries.
a lifelong friendship
The two men formed a lifelong friendship.
bonds/ties of friendship (=things that connect friends)
They were united by deep bonds of friendship.
a gesture of friendship (=an action which shows that someone is a friend)
He invited us to his house as a gesture of friendship.
an offer of friendship
He turned down the King's offer of friendship.
offer/extend the hand of friendship (=officially say that you want a friendly relationship)
America extended the hand of friendship, but it was rejected.

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