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unfriendly /ʌnˈfrendli/ adjective (comparative unfriendlier, superlative unfriendliest)

غیر دوستانه ، دشمن ، ناشناس ، غیردوستانه ، نامساعد ، علوم نظامی: غیر اشنا
- hostile, aloof, chilly, cold, distant, uncongenial, unsociable
- unfavourable, alien, hostile, inhospitable
Antonyms: friendly
English Thesaurus: unfriendly/not friendly, hostile, cold, frosty, aloof, ...

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unfriendly /ʌnˈfrendli/ adjective (comparative unfriendlier, superlative unfriendliest)
[Word Family: noun: friend, friendliness, friendship, friendly; adjective: friendlyunfriendly, friendless; verb: befriend]

1. not kind or friendly:
The old man looked cross and unfriendly.
a lonely unfriendly place
unfriendly to/towards
The villagers were really quite unfriendly towards us.

2. not helping or wanting a type of person or thing
unfriendly to
We have created cities that are unfriendly to pedestrians.

3. an unfriendly government or nation is one that opposes yours

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VERBS appear, be, look, seem | become
ADV. distinctly, extremely, really, very a distinctly unfriendly tone of voice
rather | environmentally the use of environmentally unfriendly products (= that harm the environment)
PREP. to She was really unfriendly to me.

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