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fruitful /ˈfruːtfəl/ adjective

میوه دار ، مثمر ، مفید ، بارور
Synonyms: useful, advantageous, beneficial, effective, productive, profitable, rewarding, successful, worthwhile
Antonyms: unfruitful, fruitless
Contrasted words: abortive, bootless, futile, vain
Related Words: breeding, propagating, reproducing, abounding

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fruitful /ˈfruːtfəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: fruit, fruition, fruiterer; adjective: fruitfulfruitless, fruity; verb: fruit; adverb: fruitfullyfruitlessly]

1. producing good results Antonym : fruitless:
Today’s meeting proved more fruitful than last week’s.
a busy and fruitful time
a fruitful source of information

2. literary land that is fruitful produces a lot of crops Synonym : fertile
—fruitfully adverb
—fruitfulness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be, prove
ADV. enormously, extremely, remarkably, very | quite, reasonably | potentially
PREP. in This research has been enormously fruitful in helping our understanding of the disease.

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