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fruity /ˈfruːti/ adjective

میوه ای (در رده بندی بوها) ، میوه مانند ، میوه ای ، انگور مزه ، موثر ، جاذب ، روانشناسی: میوه ای
Synonyms: insane, loco, lunatic, mad, maniac, mental, mindless, non compos mentis, nuts, nutsy

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fruity /ˈfruːti/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: fruit, fruition, fruiterer; adjective: fruitfulfruitless, fruity; verb: fruit; adverb: fruitfullyfruitlessly]

1. tasting or smelling strongly of fruit:
a very fruity wine

2. British English a voice or laugh that is fruity sounds deep and pleasant

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