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glass /ɡlɑːs $ ɡlæs/ noun

دستگاه بارومتر ، دستگاه ارتفاع سنج دوربین ، ابگینه ، لیوان ، گیلاس ، جام ، استکان ، ایینه ، شیشه دوربین ، شیشه ذره بین ، عدسی ، شیشه الات ، الت شیشه ای ، شیشه گرفتن ، عینک دار کردن ، شیشه ای کردن ، صیقلی کردن ، علوم مهندسی: عدسی ، عمران: شیشه ، معماری: زجاج ، علوم نظامی: یخ
Synonyms: mirror, looking glass, seeing glass
Synonyms: reflect, image, mirror

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Glass, Philip
(1937–) a US composer of modern classical music, who was influenced by Indian music, and who is known for his minimalist style in which short musical phrases are repeated again and again, with very slight changes

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I. glass1 S1 W1 /ɡlɑːs $ ɡlæs/ noun
[Word Family: noun: glass, glasses, glassful, glassware; adjective: glass, glassy]
[Language: Old English; Origin: glæs]

1. TRANSPARENT MATERIAL [uncountable] a transparent solid substance used for making windows, bottles etc:
a glass bowl
a piece of broken glass
pane/sheet of glass (=a flat piece of glass with straight edges)
the cathedral’s stained glass windows

FOR DRINKING [countable] a container used for drinking made of glass ⇒ cup
wine/brandy/champagne etc glass
Nigel raised his glass in a toast to his son.

3. AMOUNT OF LIQUID [countable] the amount of a drink contained in a glass
glass of
She poured a glass of wine.

FOR EYES glasses [plural] two pieces of specially cut glass or plastic in a frame, which you wear in order to see more clearly Synonym : spectacles:
He was clean-shaven and wore glasses.
I need a new pair of glasses.
distance/reading glassesdark glasses, field glasses
Glasses is plural, even when it refers to a single object. Do not say 'a glasses’:
She’s got nice (NOT a nice) glasses.

5. GLASS OBJECTS [uncountable] objects which are made of glass, especially ones used for drinking and eating:
a priceless collection of Venetian glass

6. people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones used to say that you should not criticize someone for having a fault if you have the same fault yourself

7. somebody sees the glass as half-empty/half-full used to say that a particular person is more likely to notice the good parts or the bad parts of a situation

8. under glass plants that are grown under glass are protected from the cold by a glass cover

9. MIRROR [countable] old-fashioned a mirror

10. the glass old-fashioned a barometer
cut glass, ground glass, looking glass, magnifying glass, plate glass, safety glass, stained glass, ⇒ raise your glass at raise1(16)

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II. glass2 verb
glass something ↔ in phrasal verb British English
to cover something with glass, or to build a glass structure around something

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I. transparent substance
ADJ. clear, coloured, opaque, plain, smoked, tinted | broken | flying A bomb went off, and many people were injured by flying glass.
bulletproof, cut, frosted, plate, safety, stained, toughened
QUANT. piece | pane, sheet | fragment, sliver, splinter The floor was littered with fragments of broken glass.
VERB + GLASS blow, make watching the Venetian craftsmen blowing glass The factory makes safety glass.
break, crack, shatter, smash
GLASS + VERB break, crack, shatter, smash, splinter the sound of breaking glass
GLASS + NOUN beads, bottle, bowl, eye, jar, vase | cabinet, case | door, panel, partition, roof, wall | fibre a boat made of glass fibre
PREP. behind ~ The books were all behind glass (= in glass cases).
on ~ She cut her foot on some glass.
under ~ growing fruit under glass (= in a glasshouse) | through ~ He could see the light through the frosted glass.

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II. for drinking
ADJ. brimming, full | half-empty, half-full | empty | beer, brandy, champagne, sherry, whisky, wine | crystal a set of crystal glasses
tall a tall glass of milk
fresh He poured her a fresh glass of sherry.
pint beer in a pint glass
VERB + GLASS have He had a small glass of lager with his meal.
drink, sip She sat sipping a glass of champagne.
drain, empty | fill, pour, refill, top up The waiter filled their glasses.
clean, polish, wash The butler was polishing the brandy glasses.
raise She raised the glass to her lips.
hand sb I handed her a glass of wine.
put down, set down I put my glass down on the table.
clink They clinked glasses, still laughing.
GLASS + VERB clink He heard glasses clinking in the other room.
PREP. in a/the/sb's ~ the red liquid in his glass
~ of She had had three glasses of whisky already.
PHRASES (a) glass in (your) hand He sat back, glass in hand.

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broken glass
She cleaned up the broken glass with a dustpan and brush.
stained glass (=glass of different colours used in windows)
He designed the stained glass windows of Coventry Cathedral.
tinted glass (=coloured rather than completely transparent)
The car had tinted glass.
frosted glass (=glass with a rough surface so that it is not transparent)
The bathroom windows were made of frosted glass.
clear glass (=that you can see through rather than being coloured)
The drink comes in clear glass bottles.
plate glass (=big pieces of glass made in large thick sheets, used especially in shop windows)
Vandals smashed a plate glass window.
safety glass (=strong glass that breaks into small pieces that are not sharp)
The company makes safety glass for car windows.
a glass bottle/bowl/vase etc
Glass bottles can be recycled very easily.
a glass window/door
The doors had two round glass windows in them.
a piece of glass
He cut his foot on a piece of glass.
a shard/splinter of glass (=a sharp piece of broken glass)
People were injured by shards of glass following the explosion.
a fragment of glass (=a small piece of glass that has broken off)
Fragments of glass covered the floor near the broken window.
a pane of glass (=a piece of glass used in a window)
There was a broken pane of glass in the kitchen window.
a sheet of glass (=a piece of flat glass)
Sheets of glass were used as shelves.
glass breaks
This type of glass doesn’t break easily.
glass shatters (=break into small pieces)
When glass shatters, it leaves jagged edges.
glass cracks
Glass will crack if too much pressure is put on it.
wear glasses
I didn’t know you wore glasses.
put on your glasses
He put on his glasses and read through the instructions.
take off/remove your glasses
Elsie took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes.
wipe/clean your glasses
Harry wiped his glasses with the corner of a handkerchief.
break your glasses
I broke my glasses when I accidentally sat on them.
a pair of glasses
She was wearing a new pair of glasses.
dark glasses (=sunglasses)
She wore a scarf over her head and dark glasses.
reading glasses (=for reading)
She looked at him over the frames of her reading glasses.
distance glasses (=for seeing things that are not close to you)
Without her distance glasses she couldn't see his expression.
tinted glasses (=with coloured glass)
He always wore a pair of tinted glasses.
steel-/horn-/gold-rimmed glasses (=with frames made of steel etc)
He was a thin little guy with gold-rimmed glasses.
thick glasses (=with lenses that are thick)
She peered up at them through thick glasses.

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BAD: He wears an old-fashioned glasses which make him look intelligent.
GOOD: He wears old-fashioned glasses which make him look intelligent.

Usage Note:
Glasses (= spectacles) is a plural noun: 'I wear glasses just for reading.' 'Have you seen my glasses?'

BAD: I have to vacuum the floors and clean the glasses of the windows.
GOOD: I have to vacuum the floors and clean the windows.
BAD: The sunlight poured in through the glasses of the bedroom window.
GOOD: The sunlight poured in through (the panes of) the bedroom window.

Usage Note:
pane (or window-pane ) = a sheet of glass used in a window: 'The two cracked panes will have to be replaced.'
Note that pane and window-pane are rarely used. Their meaning is usually expressed by window .

See PAIR 2 (pair)

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See: people who live in glass houses should not throw stones , safety glass

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