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murder /ˈmɜːdə $ ˈmɜːrdər/ noun
murder verb [transitive]

قتل عمدی ، کشتار ، ادمکشی ، کشتن ، بقتل رساندن ، قانون ـ فقه: قتل عمد ، به قتل رساندن
- killing, assassination, bloodshed, butchery, carnage, homicide, manslaughter, massacre, slaying
- kill, assassinate, bump off (slang), butcher, eliminate (slang), massacre, slaughter, slay
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Related Words: asphyxiate, behead, decapitate, electrocute, garrote, guillotine, hang, lynch, smother, strangle
English Thesaurus: assault, mugging, murder, homicide, rape, ...

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I. murder1 S3 W2 /ˈmɜːdə $ ˈmɜːrdər/ noun
[Word Family: noun: murder, murderer; verb: murder; adverb: murderously; adjective: murderous]
[Origin: Partly from Old English morthor, partly from Old French murdre]

1. [uncountable and countable] the crime of deliberately killing someone ⇒ manslaughter:
On the night the murder was committed, he was out of the country.
The man accused of her murder will appear in court today.
murder of
the brutal murder of a child
He was found guilty of attempted murder.
She was charged with two counts of first degree murder.
The mother of the murder victim wept in court.
Police are searching for the murder weapon.
Detectives have launched a murder investigation.

2. get away with murder informal to do anything you want, even things that are wrong, without being punished:
She lets those kids get away with murder.

3. be murder spoken to be very difficult or unpleasant:
It’s murder doing the shopping on Saturdays.
The traffic was murder this morning.

4. be murder on something spoken to harm or damage something else:
These new shoes are murder on my feet.
scream blue murder at scream1(1)

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II. murder2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: murder, murderer; verb: murder; adverb: murderously; adjective: murderous]

1. to kill someone deliberately and illegally:
He was convicted of murdering a policeman.
Thousands of civilians were brutally murdered during the civil war.
the murdered man

2. informal to spoil a song, play etc by performing it very badly:
It’s a good song, but they murdered it.

3. somebody will murder you spoken used to tell someone that another person will be very angry with them:
Your dad’ll murder you when he hears about it.

4. I could murder a beer/pizza etc British English spoken used to say that you are very hungry or thirsty and want a particular food or drink

5. informal to defeat someone completely:
They murdered us in the final.

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ADJ. brutal, horrific, terrible, vicious | cold-blooded, premeditated, wilful (law) a verdict of wilful murder
attempted | double, mass, multiple | terrorist | racial, sectarian | unsolved
VERB + MURDER commit murders committed by terrorists
jail sb for | avenge He vowed to avenge his brother's murder.
witness | implicate sb in new evidence that implicated her in the murder
get away with (figurative) They let their children get away with murder!
MURDER + VERB take place
MURDER + NOUN victim | suspect | hunt (informal), inquiry, investigation | bid, plot | conviction | scene | mystery, story Her latest novel is a gripping murder mystery.
 ⇒ Note at CRIME (for more verbs)

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ADV. barbarously, brutally, foully, in cold blood The boy was brutally murdered. They were murdered in cold blood.
ritually | allegedly
VERB + MURDER attempt to, try to | plan to, plot to
PHRASES admit/deny murdering sb, be accused of murdering sb, be charged with murdering sb She was arrested and charged with murdering the two children.
be convicted/found guilty of murdering sb, be found murdered He was found murdered in the cemetery.

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commit (a) murder (=murder someone)
Whoever had committed these murders had planned them carefully.
be guilty of murder
They had wished him dead, but that did not make them guilty of murder.
accuse somebody of murder (=say that you think someone murdered a person)
Dillon was accused of both murders.
deny murder (=say that you did not kill someone)
The four accused men all deny murder.
charge somebody with murder (=officially say that someone may be guilty of murder)
Is there enough evidence to charge him with murder?
investigate a murder
The police are investigating the murder of a homeless man.
solve a murder (=find out who murdered someone)
The murder has never been solved.
a brutal/horrific murder (=violent and cruel)
He is wanted for the brutal murder of a young girl.
cold-blooded murder (=not caused by strong emotions)
He didn’t kill his wife in a moment of anger; it was cold-blooded murder.
premeditated murder (=planned before it happens)
He was charged with premeditated murder.
an unsolved murder (=for which the killer has never been found)
Police questioned the man about two unsolved murders.
attempted murder (=the crime of trying to kill someone)
I am arresting you for attempted murder.
first-degree murder (also murder in the first degree) American English (=the most serious type of murder under U.S. law)
If convicted of first-degree murder, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.
mass murder (=of a large number of people)
Hitler was responsible for the largest mass murder in history.
a murder victim (=someone who has been murdered)
The family of the murder victim pleaded for information to find the killer.
a murder weapon (=the gun, knife etc used to murder someone)
Have they found the murder weapon?
a murder scene (=where a murder happened)
His blood matched the blood found at the murder scene.
a murder investigation
A murder investigation is underway after a woman’s body was found in a tunnel.
a murder charge (=an official statement saying someone may be guilty of murder)
He has escaped a murder charge, but his career is finished.
a motive for murder (=a reason to kill someone)
Police believe the motive for the murders was robbery.

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