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relate /rɪˈleɪt/ verb

باز گو کردن ، گزارش دادن ، شرح دادن ، نقل کردن ، گفتن
مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: گزارش دادن - شرح دادن

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- connect, associate, correlate, couple, join, link
- concern, apply, be relevant to, have to do with, pertain, refer
- tell, describe, detail, narrate, recite, recount, report
Related Idioms: make public
Related Words: disclose, divulge, reveal, tell, detail, itemize, particularize, depict, express, render, pronounce, ascribe, assign, credit, impute, refer
English Thesaurus: lawyer, attorney, solicitor, barrister, advocate, ...

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a British organization which helps those who have problems with relationships, especially marriage. It used to be called the Marriage Guidance Council.

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relate S2 W1 /rɪˈleɪt/ verb
[Word Family: noun: relation, relations, relationship, relative; adjective: relatedunrelated, relative; verb: relate; adverb: relatively]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of referre; refer]

1. [intransitive] if two things relate, they are connected in some way Synonym : connect:
I don’t understand how the two ideas relate.
relate to
The charges of fraud relate to events that took place over ten years ago.

In everyday English, people often say something has (something) to do with another thing, rather than relates to it:
The changes have to do with events that took place over ten years ago.
I don't understand what the two ideas have to do with each other.

2. [transitive] if you relate two different things, you show how they are connected
relate something to something
The report seeks to relate the rise in crime to an increase in unemployment.

3. [transitive] formal to tell someone about events that have happened to you or to someone else
relate something to somebody
He later related the whole story to me.

4. [intransitive] to feel that you understand someone’s problem, situation etc
relate to
Laurie finds it difficult to relate to children.
I know he feels upset, and I can relate to that.

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ADV. closely | directly, specifically The issues raised in the report relate directly to Age Concern's ongoing work in this area.
VERB + RELATE be able to, can/could | attempt to, try to | be difficult to, find sth difficult to I found it difficult to relate the two ideas in my mind.
PREP. to Our product needs an image that people can relate to.
PHRASES the ability to relate to sb/sth, an attempt to relate sth Attempts to relate studies on animals to those on humans are not really comparing like with like.

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