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relationship /rɪˈleɪʃənʃɪp/ noun

خویشاوندی ، نسب ، رابطه ، ارتباط ، خویشی ، وابستگی ، نسبت ، قانون ـ فقه: قرابت ، روانشناسی: رابطه ، بازرگانی: بستگی
مهندسی صنایع: ارتباط ، رابطه ، نسبت ، بستگی ، خویشاوندی مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: ارتباط
فروش/خرید/تدارکات: ارتباط ، وابستگی

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- association, affinity, bond, connection, kinship, rapport
- affair, liaison
- connection, correlation, link, parallel, similarity, tie-up
English Thesaurus: relationship, relationship with, relationship between, be in a relationship, sexual relationship, ...

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relationship S1 W1 /rɪˈleɪʃənʃɪp/ noun
[Word Family: noun: relation, relations, relationship, relative; adjective: relatedunrelated, relative; verb: relate; adverb: relatively]

1. [countable] the way in which two people or two groups feel about each other and behave towards each other
relationship with
I have quite a good relationship with my parents.
relationship between
the special relationship between Britain and the US

2. [uncountable and countable] the way in which two or more things are connected and affect each other
relationship between
the relationship between diet and health problems
relationship to
He’s studying politics and its relationship to the media.
The lessons bear little relationship (=they are not connected to) the children’s needs.

3. [countable] a situation in which two people spend time together or live together, and have romantic or sexual feelings for each other:
He’s never had a sexual relationship before.
relationship with
She doesn’t really want a relationship with me.
in a relationship
Are you in a relationship right now?

4. [uncountable] the way in which you are related to someone in your family
relationship to
‘What’s your relationship to Sue?’ ‘She’s my cousin.’

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I. between people/groups/countries
ADJ. friendly, good, happy, harmonious, healthy, strong | broken, difficult, failed, fragile, poor, stormy, strained, troubled, uneasy | close, intense, intimate, special Britain's special relationship with the US
enduring, lasting, long-standing, long-term, permanent, serious, stable, steady He was not married, but he was in a stable relationship.
brief, casual | family, human, interpersonal, one-to-one, personal | doctor-patient, parent-child, etc. | business, contractual, formal, marital, physical, power, professional, sexual, social, working | caring, love-hate, loving
VERB + RELATIONSHIP enjoy, have They enjoyed a close working relationship. The school has a very good relationship with the community. He had brief relationships with several women.
begin, build (up), develop, establish, foster Building strong relationships is essential. They established a relationship of trust.
cement, improve, strengthen | continue, maintain | handle, manage He's not very good at handling personal relationships.
break off She broke off the relationship when she found out about his gambling.
destroy Lack of trust destroys many relationships.
RELATIONSHIP + VERB exist We want to improve the relationship that exists between the university and the town.
blossom, deepen, develop | flourish | work I tried everything to make our relationship work.
continue, last | deteriorate, go wrong, worsen | break down, break up, fail
RELATIONSHIP + NOUN difficulties, problems | goals
PREP. in a/the ~ In normal human relationships there has to be some give and take. At the moment he isn't in a relationship.
~ among The focus is on relationships among European countries.
~ between, ~ to their relationship to each other
~ with
PHRASES the breakdown of a relationship, a network/web of relationships

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II. family connection
ADJ. blood, family, kin, kinship
PREP. in a/the ~ Some people think only about themselves, even in family relationships.
~ between ‘What's the relationship between you and Tony?’ ‘He's my cousin.’
~ to What relationship are you to Pat?

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III. connection between two or more things
ADJ. close There's a close relationship between increased money supply and inflation.
direct | clear | complex | significant | true | particular | inverse, negative the inverse relationship between gas consumption and air temperature
positive | causal, dynamic, reciprocal | linear, spatial | economic, functional, legal | natural, organic | symbolic
VERB + RELATIONSHIP bear, have The fee bears little relationship to the service provided.
examine, explore, look at, study His latest book examines the relationship between spatial awareness and mathematical ability.
discover, find They discovered a relationship between depression and lack of sunlight.
demonstrate, show | see, understand | stand in Women and men stand in a different relationship to language.
PREP. in a/the ~ The different varieties of the language are in a dynamic relationship with each other.
~ between I can't see the relationship between the figures and the diagram.
~ to the relationship of a parasite to its host
~ with
PHRASES the nature of the relationship

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have a relationship
We’ve always had a good relationship with our neighbours.
develop/form/build a relationship
By that age, children start developing relationships outside the family.
forge a relationship (=develop a strong relationship)
We want to forge closer relationships with our allies.
cement a relationship (=make it firm and strong)
We want to cement relationships with other transport associations.
make relationships
I found it impossible to make new relationships.
Over the years, we’ve developed a good relationship.
Laura had a very close relationship with her grandmother.
My friendly relationship with Scott’s family continued after his death.
Our relationship is strong enough to survive anything.
a love-hate relationship (=when someone both likes and dislikes someone else)
The local people have a love-hate relationship with tourists.
a special relationship (=a particularly close relationship)
I did not want to risk losing this special relationship we shared.
a supportive relationship
People lacking supportive relationships were expected to be prone to depression.
a working relationship (=a relationship appropriate for people who work together)
She’s a fine actress and we developed a great working relationship.
family relationships
Travelling a lot for business can strain family relationships.
a personal relationship
Drinking affects personal relationships.
human relationships
Human relationships fascinate me.
a social relationship
Satisfactory social relationships with adults are very important.
a business/professional relationship
Both companies want to continue their business relationship into the future.
the doctor-patient/parent-child/teacher-student etc relationship
A family crisis can adversely affect the developing parent-child relationship.
a close relationship
The evidence points to a close relationship between poverty and disease.
a strong/significant relationship
Studies show a significant relationship between smoking and heart disease.
a direct relationship (=when one thing has an effect or influence on another, without any other things being involved)
There is a direct relationship between the demand for a particular product and its price.
an inverse relationship technical (=so that when one is great, the other is small)
We concluded that there will be an inverse relationship between the market price of the bond and its true yield.
a causal relationship (=when one thing causes another)
the causal relationship between cigarette smoking and lung cancer
bear no/little relationship to something
The allegations bore no relationship to the facts.
establish a relationship (=prove that it exists)
The book tries to establish a relationship between the war and social unrest in Europe.
a relationship exists
No relationship exists between the size of the prison population and the level of crime.

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