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related /rɪˈleɪtəd, rɪˈleɪtɪd/ adjective

مربوط ، وابسته
- akin, kindred
- associated, affiliated, akin, connected, interconnected, joint, linked
Antonyms: unrelated
Contrasted words: different, dissimilar, divergent, unconnected, unlike
Related Words: associated, connected, complementary, convertible, correlative, corresponding, reciprocal, alike, analogous, identical, germane, pertinent, relevant

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related S2 W3 /rɪˈleɪtəd, rɪˈleɪtɪd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: relation, relations, relationship, relative; adjective: relatedunrelated, relative; verb: relate; adverb: relatively]

1. things that are related are connected in some way:
Police now believe that the three crimes could be related.
the problem of drug abuse and other related issues
related to
He suffers with memory loss related to his disease.
closely/directly/strongly etc related
Education levels are strongly related to income.
drug-/pollution-/stress-related etc
people suffering from tobacco-related illnesses

2. [not before noun] connected by a family relationship:
Are you two related?
related to
I might be related to him.

3. animals, plants, languages etc that are related belong to the same group:
Dolphins and porpoises are closely related.

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I. connected
VERBS be, seem
ADV. closely, integrally, intimately, strongly The two ideas are very closely related.
inextricably | loosely | not necessarily | largely | partly | directly | indirectly The old rates were at least indirectly related to income; the new tax takes no account of a person's ability to pay.
broadly, roughly | specifically | fundamentally | positively | inversely, negatively The traditional approach has tended to regard unemployment and inflation as being inversely related.
apparently | clearly, obviously | causally, contextually, functionally, logically, thematically Is unemployment causally related to crime?
PREP. to The occurrence of the disease is apparently related to standards of hygiene.

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II. of the same family
ADV. closely | distantly | genetically All the bees in the colony are genetically related.
PREP. to He claims to be distantly related to the British royal family.

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closely related
I want to focus on a small number of closely related questions.
strongly related
People’s occupations are strongly related to their level of education.
intimately related (=very closely related)
Learning to read and learning to write are intimately related.
directly/indirectly related
illnesses which are directly related to poverty
loosely related (=not closely related)
a series of loosely related ideas
inversely related technical (=related so that when one is large, the other is small)
The demand for bank lending is inversely related to the rate of interest charged.

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BAD: Many of these illnesses are related with smoking.
GOOD: Many of these illnesses are related to smoking.

Usage Note:
One thing is related to another thing (NOT with ): 'Poverty is often directly related to unemployment.'

BAD: The size of a family is deeply related to parental income.
GOOD: The size of a family is closely related to parental income.

Usage Note:
closely related (NOT deeply ): 'His thesis is that drugs, boredom and juvenile crime are closely related.'

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