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science /ˈsaɪəns/ noun

علم طبیعی ، علم ، دانش ، (جمع) علوم ، علوم مهندسی: اگاهی ، روانشناسی: دانش
کامپیوتر: آگاهی

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- discipline, body of knowledge, branch of knowledge
- skill, art, technique

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science S1 W1 /ˈsaɪəns/ noun
[Word Family: noun: science, scientist; adverb: scientifically; adjective: scientificunscientific]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin scientia 'knowledge', from scire 'to know']

1. [uncountable] knowledge about the world, especially based on examining, testing, and proving facts:
Many leading scientists do not consider that science can give absolutely reliable knowledge.
the founder of modern science, Isaac Newton
developments in science and technology

2. [uncountable] the study of science:
What did you do in science class today?

3. [countable] a particular part of science, for example biology, chemistry, or physics:
the physical sciences

4. something is not an exact science used to say that something involves a lot of guessing and there is not just one right way to do it:
Advertising is not an exact science – you’re always taking a risk.
domestic science, information science, natural science, physical science, social science, ⇒ blind somebody with science at blind2(4), ⇒ something is not rocket science at rocket science

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ADJ. hard His essay is not based on hard science.
exact, inexact Politics is as much an art form as an exact science.
popular The magazine contains a lot of popular science.
basic, school I was trying to remember what I had learnt about gravity in school science.
applied, experimental | biological, human, life, natural, physical The life sciences include biology and botany.
agricultural, earth, environmental, food, marine, soil | forensic | medical, veterinary | behavioural, political, social | computer, information | cognitive, linguistic | space | sports | management
SCIENCE + NOUN education, research, teaching | museum, park
PREP. ~ of Meteorology is the science of the weather.
PHRASES the history of science, the laws of science, science and technology, the world of science His experiments have achieved notoriety in the world of science.
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