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shock /ʃɒk $ ʃɑːk/ noun

شوک ، حمله عصبی ، ضربه ، ضربت زدن ضربت ، عمل غافلگیری ، صدمه ، هراس ناگهانی ، لطمه ، تصادم ، تلاطم ، تشنج سخت ، توده کردن ، خرمن کردن ، هول وهراس پیدا کردن ، ضربت سخت زدن ، تکان سخت خوردن ، دچار هراس سخت شدن ، سراسیمه کردن ، تکان دادن ، ترساندن ، علوم مهندسی: تصادم ، معماری: ضربت ، روانشناسی: ضربه ، ورزش: ضربه ، علوم هوایی: ضربه ، علوم نظامی: حمله غافلگیرانه
- horrify, appal, disgust, nauseate, revolt, scandalize, sicken
- astound, jolt, shake, stagger, stun, stupefy
- impact, blow, clash, collision
- upset, blow, bombshell, distress, disturbance, stupefaction, stupor, trauma, turn (informal)
Related Idioms: stink in one's nostrils, turn one's stomach
Related Words: prostration, stupefaction, astonish, astound, startle, surprise, jar, jolt, shake up, insult, offend, outrage, appall, horrify, floor, knock out, disgust, nauseate, sicken, shake, electrify

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I. shock1 S2 W2 /ʃɒk $ ʃɑːk/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: shocked, shocking, shock, shockproof; noun: shock, shocker, aftershock; verb: shock; adverb: shockingly]
[Sense 1-5, 7-8: Language: French; Origin: choc, from choquer 'to strike against']
[Sense 6: Date: 1800-1900; Origin: Perhaps from shock 'bunch of cut wheat, corn, etc.' (14-20 centuries), or from shock 'dog with long rough hair' (17-19 centuries)]

1. UNEXPECTED EVENT/SITUATION [countable usually singular] if something that happens is a shock, you did not expect it, and it makes you feel very surprised, and usually upset
shock to
The news of his death came as a great shock to everyone.
it was a shock to find/discover etc that
It was a real shock to hear that the factory would have to close.

2. UNEXPECTED UNPLEASANT FEELING [singular, uncountable] the feeling of surprise and disbelief you have when something very unexpected happens, especially something bad or frightening:
She was shaking with shock and humiliation.
the shock of (doing) something
Mom’s never really gotten over the shock of Dad’s death.

3. MEDICAL [uncountable] a medical condition in which someone looks pale and their heart and lungs are not working correctly, usually after a sudden very unpleasant experience:
He was bleeding from the head and suffering from shock.
He is clearly in a state of shock.
The tanker driver was treated for shock and released.

4. ELECTRICITY [countable] an electric shock

5. VEHICLE [countable usually plural] a shock absorber

6. shock of hair a very thick mass of hair:
an energetic young man with a shock of red hair

7. SUDDEN CHANGE [countable] a sudden unexpected change which threatens the economic situation, way of life, or traditions of a group of people – used especially in news reports:
the oil shocks of the 1970s

8. SHAKING [uncountable and countable] violent shaking caused for example by an explosion or earthquake:
The shock was felt miles away.shock wave, culture shock, shocked, shell shock, toxic shock syndrome

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II. shock2 verb
[Word Family: adjective: shocked, shocking, shock, shockproof; noun: shock, shocker, aftershock; verb: shock; adverb: shockingly]

1. [transitive] to make someone feel very surprised and upset, and unable to believe what has happened:
The hatred in her voice shocked him.
shock somebody to hear/learn/discover etc that
They had been shocked to hear that the hospital was closing down.
It shocked me to think how close we had come to being killed.
shock somebody into (doing) something
She was shocked into action by the desperate situation in the orphanages.

2. [intransitive and transitive] to make someone feel very offended, by talking or behaving in an immoral or socially unacceptable way:
He seems to enjoy shocking people.
Just ignore the bad language – they only do it to shock.
shocked, shocking

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III. shock3 adjective [only before noun]
[Word Family: adjective: shocked, shocking, shock, shockproof; noun: shock, shocker, aftershock; verb: shock; adverb: shockingly]

1. very surprising – used especially in news reports:
England’s shock defeat by Luxembourg

2. shock tactics methods of achieving what you want by deliberately shocking people:
Shock tactics are being used to stop drink drivers.

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I. extreme surprise
ADJ. awful, big, complete, considerable, dreadful, great, major, nasty, real, terrible, tremendous | mild, slight | first, initial Once the initial shock had worn off, I got to like my new hairstyle.
sudden | culture It was a bit of a culture shock when I first came to this country.
VERB + SHOCK come as | feel, get, have She felt shock that he would be capable of such an act. I got a terrible shock when I saw him.
give sb | be in for If you think it's going to be easy you're in for a shock!
die of (informal) I nearly died of shock when your mother appeared.
get over, recover from
PREP. in ~ She looked round in shock.
with a ~ She realized with a sudden shock that she was being followed.
~ at/on her shock on seeing him with another woman
~ to This news came as a great shock to me.
PHRASES a bit/something of a shock, quite/rather a shock, a hell of a shock, in a state of shock I think I'm still in a state of shock.
a feeling/sense of shock, the shock of your life (informal), a shock to the system (informal) The low wages came as something of a shock to her system.

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II. electric shock
ADJ. massive | mild He gave himself a mild electric shock while changing a light bulb.
VERB + SHOCK get, receive | give sb

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III. extreme weakness caused by injury or shock
ADJ. deep | mild | delayed
VERB + SHOCK be in, be suffering from, suffer He was in deep shock after the accident.
go into He had gone into shock and was shaking violently.
be treated for

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ADV. deeply, really The news had shocked her deeply.
easily He had old-fashioned ideas and was easily shocked.
PREP. into The news shocked her into action.

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a big/great shock
It was a great shock to find out he had been lying.
a terrible/awful shock
Her death was a terrible shock to everyone.
a complete/total shock
No one expected the factory to close – it was a complete shock.
a nasty shock especially British English (=one that is very unpleasant and upsetting)
Come and sit down. You’ve had a nasty shock.
a rude shock formal (=one that is unexpected and unpleasant but not serious)
Shopping for food in Miyako brought a rude shock. The prices were breathtaking.
get/have a shock
I got a shock when I saw how thin he had become.
give somebody a shock
Oh, you gave me quite a shock.
get over/recover from a shock
He hasn’t got over the shock of losing his job yet.
die of shock informal (=be very surprised)
I nearly died of shock when I saw Helen at the door.
come as a shock (=be very unexpected)
The collapse of the company came as a shock to us all.
be a bit of a shock British English especially spoken (=be a shock, but not very serious or unpleasant)
I wasn’t expecting to win, so it was a bit of a shock.
be a shock to the system (=be strange because you are not used to something)
Having to work full-time again was quite a shock to the system.
be in for a shock (=be likely to have a shock)
Anyone who thinks that bringing up children is easy is in for a shock.
be in a state of shock (also be in deep shock) (=be very shocked and upset)
Eva left the room in a state of shock.
get the shock of your life (=get a very big shock)
He got the shock of his life when he found out who I was.

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