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shocking /ˈʃɒkɪŋ $ ˈʃɑːk-/ adjective

منزجر کننده ، موحش ، تکان دهنده
Synonyms: dreadful, appalling, atrocious, disgraceful, disgusting, ghastly, horrifying, nauseating, outrageous, revolting, scandalous, sickening
Related Words: heinous, monstrous, burning, glaring, disgraceful, shameful, unspeakable

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shocking S3 /ˈʃɒkɪŋ $ ˈʃɑːk-/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: shocked, shocking, shock, shockproof; noun: shock, shocker, aftershock; verb: shock; adverb: shockingly]

1. very surprising, upsetting, and difficult to believe:
the shocking news that Mark had hanged himself
a shocking discovery
The anger in his face was shocking.

2. morally wrong:
It’s shocking that hospitals can deny help to older people.
a shocking waste of money

3. British English informal very bad Synonym : terrible:
The path was in a shocking state.
I’ve got a shocking cold.
—shockingly adverb

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VERBS be, seem, sound | find sth
ADV. deeply, extremely, very a deeply shocking and painful discovery
quite, rather, slightly
PREP. to His attitude was shocking to her.

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