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shocked /ʃɒkt $ ʃɑːkt/ adjective

shock: شوک ، حمله عصبی ، ضربه ، ضربت زدن ضربت ، عمل غافلگیری ، صدمه ، هراس ناگهانی ، لطمه ، تصادم ، تلاطم ، تشنج سخت ، توده کردن ، خرمن کردن ، هول وهراس پیدا کردن ، ضربت سخت زدن ، تکان سخت خوردن ، دچار هراس سخت شدن ، سراسیمه کردن ، تکان دادن ، ترساندن ، تصادم ، ضربت ، ضربه ، ضربه ، ضربه ، حمله غافلگیرانه
Synonyms: aghast, agape, confounded, dismayed, dumbfounded, overwhelmed, thunderstruck
Related Words: jarred, jolted, shaken up, shook up, offended, outraged, appalled, horrified
English Thesaurus: shocked, shaken, be in a state of shock, horrified, appalled, ...

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shocked S3 /ʃɒkt $ ʃɑːkt/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: shocked, shocking, shock, shockproof; noun: shock, shocker, aftershock; verb: shock; adverb: shockingly]

1. feeling surprised and upset by something very unexpected and unpleasant
shocked by
I was deeply shocked by Jo’s death.
shocked at
He is shocked at what happened to his son.
shocked look/expression/voice etc
She gave him a shocked look.
For a few minutes she stood in shocked silence.
We were too shocked to talk.

2. very offended because something seems immoral or socially unacceptable
shocked by
Many people were shocked by the film when it first came out.
shocked at
They were deeply shocked at her behaviour.

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VERBS appear, be, feel, look, sound
ADV. badly, deeply, genuinely, greatly, profoundly, quite, really, terribly, truly, very The passengers were badly shocked but unharmed.
almost | a bit, a little, mildly, rather, slightly | visibly
PREP. at They were shocked at how the children had been treated.
by She was visibly shocked by the conditions she witnessed in the refug

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deeply/very/really shocked
We are all deeply shocked by what’s happened.
quite shocked
I was quite shocked by her appearance.
genuinely shocked
Gilbert sounded genuinely shocked.
visibly shocked
Yesterday she was visibly shocked by the conditions she witnessed in the camps.
shocked silence
There was a moment of shocked silence.
shocked surprise
He smiled at Donna’s expression of shocked surprise.
seem/look/appear shocked
He glanced at his mother, who looked shocked.
sound shocked
"Of course not!" he exclaimed, sounding shocked.

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