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twist /twɪst/ verb

چرخش بدن ، پیچاندن ، چرخیدن ، دوران حول محور افقی ، تاب ، نخ یا ریسمان تابیده ، پیچ خوردگی ، پیچیدن ، تابیدن ، پیچ دار کردن ، عمران: تاب برداشتن ، ورزش: واروکردن چرخش بدن در شیرجه روی محور عمودی ، علوم هوایی: پیچش

: twist (to)

پیچیدن ، خم کردن ، تابیدن ، معماری: تاب دادن
- wind, coil, curl, screw, spin, swivel, wrap, wring
- distort, contort, screw up
- wind, coil, curl, spin, swivel
- development, change, revelation, slant, surprise, turn, variation
- curve, arc, bend, meander, turn, undulation, zigzag
- distortion, defect, deformation, flaw, imperfection, kink, warp
Antonyms: untwist
English Thesaurus: change, alter, adapt, adjust, modify, ...

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Twist, Oliver
the main character in the book Oliver Twist by Charles dickens

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I. twist1 S3 /twɪst/ verb
[Word Family: noun: twist, twister; verb: twist; adjective: twisted]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old English; Origin: twist 'rope']

1. MOVE [intransitive and transitive]
a) to turn a part of your body around or change your position by turning:
He twisted his head slightly, and looked up at her.
twist round/around
She twisted round, so that she could see the dog better.
b) if you twist your mouth or features, you smile in an unpleasant way or look angry, disapproving etc:
His mouth twisted in a humourless smile.

2. BEND [transitive] to bend or turn something, such as wire, hair, or cloth, into a particular shape
twist something into something
She twisted her handkerchief into a knot.
twist something together
Twist the two ends of the wire together.

3. WIND [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to wind something around or through an object
twist something round/around/through etc something
She twisted a silk scarf round her neck.
Ann twisted some daisies through Katherine’s thick brown hair.

4. TURN [transitive] to turn something in a circle using your hand
twist something off (something)
Jack twisted the cap off the bottle.

5. ROAD/RIVER [intransitive] if a road, river etc twists, it changes direction in a series of curves:
The road twisted between spectacular mountains.

6. WORDS [transitive] to change the true or intended meaning of a statement, especially in order to get some advantage for yourself:
He’s always trying to twist my words and make me look bad.

7. twist your ankle/wrist/knee to hurt your wrist etc by pulling or turning it too suddenly while you are moving:
Harriet slipped on the stairs and twisted her ankle.

8. twist and turn
a) if a path, road, stream etc twists and turns, it has a lot of bends in it:
The river twists and turns through the green fields.
b) if a person or animal twists and turns, they make twisting movements

9. twist sb’s arm
a) informal to persuade someone to do something they do not want to do:
No one twisted my arm about coming to see you.
b) to bend someone’s arm upwards behind their back in order to hurt them:
The policeman twisted my arm behind me and arrested me.
twist/wrap somebody around your little finger at finger1(8), ⇒ twist the knife (in the wound) at knife1(3)

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II. twist2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: twist, twister; verb: twist; adjective: twisted]

1. an unexpected feature or change in a situation or series of events
a new/cruel/unexpected/strange etc twist
The robbery took a deadly new twist as the robber pulled out a gun.
an unexpected twist in the plot
By an amazing twist of fate, we met again in Madrid five years later.

2. a twisting action or movement:
He smiled, a slow cynical twist of his lips.

3. a bend in a river or road

4. a small piece of something that is twisted into a particular shape
twist of
a twist of lemon

5. the twist a popular fast dance from the 1960s in which you twist your body from side to side

6. round the twist British English spoken
a) crazy:
‘The woman’s mad,’ she told herself. ‘She’s round the twist.’
b) very angry
—twisty adjective:
a twisty road
(don’t) get your knickers in a twist at knickers(3)

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I. act of twisting sth
ADJ. little, slight | quick, sharp | wry
VERB + TWIST give sth Give the cap another twist?it's not on properly.
PREP. ~ of He finished him off with a quick twist of the knife.
~ to a wry twist to her mouth

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II. change/development
ADJ. further, new | final, latest the latest twist in the saga of high-level corruption
bizarre, curious, dramatic, interesting, ironic, strange, unexpected | distinctive | cruel, vicious a cruel twist of fate
VERB + TWIST give sth The writer takes well-known fairy tales and gives them an ironic twist.
take The scandal has taken a new twist this week.
PREP. in a ~, with a ~ classic French dishes with a twist (= with a difference) | ~ in a twist in the plot
~ to In a bizarre twist to the evening the police came at eleven and arrested our host.
PHRASES a twist in the tail The story has a twist in the tail?six months later she married the husband of her victim.
a twist of fate, twists and turns the twists and turns in the economy

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III. in a road, river, etc.
ADJ. sharp
PREP. ~ in a sharp twist in the road
PHRASES twists and turns the twists and turns of the river

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ADV. slightly She twisted slightly in her chair to look up at him.
gently Gently twist off the green stalks.
violently She fired again and saw the creature twist violently.
bitterly, scornfully, wryly His mouth twisted bitterly.
away, off, together, up Her black her was twisted up into a knot on top of her head.
PREP. around/round I twisted the bandage round his leg.
with His face was twisted with rage.
PHRASES twist and turn The road twists and turns along the coast.
twist (yourself) free He managed to twist himself free.
twist sth out of shape Her mouth was twisted out of shape by grief.

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