undercover ●●○○○
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undercover /ˌʌndəˈkʌvə◂ $ -dərˈkʌvər◂/ adjective [only before noun]

مخفی ، سری ، رمزی ، جاسوس ، نهانی ، زیر جلی
Synonyms: secret, concealed, covert, hidden, private
English Thesaurus: secret, confidential, classified, sensitive, covert, ...

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undercover /ˌʌndəˈkʌvə◂ $ -dərˈkʌvər◂/ adjective [only before noun]
[Word Family: noun: cover, coverage, covering; adjective: undercover, coveredUNCOVERED; verb: coveruncover; adverb: undercover]
undercover work is done secretly by the police in order to catch criminals or find out information:
an undercover investigation
undercover policeman/cop/agent etc
undercover detectives
—undercover adverb:
a cop who goes undercover to catch drug dealers
He worked undercover in Germany and Northern Ireland.

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