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please /pliːz/ interjection

دلپذیرکردن ، خشنود ساختن ، کیف کردن ، سرگرم کردن ، لطفا ، خواهشمند است
Synonyms: delight, amuse, entertain, gladden, gratify, humour, indulge, satisfy, suit
Antonyms: displease
Contrasted words: vex, annoy, anger
Related Words: content, satisfy, suit, amuse, tickle, titillate, regale, rejoice, overjoy

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I. please1 S1 W2 /pliːz/ interjection

1. used to be polite when asking someone to do something:
Could you please clean up the living room?
Sit down, please.
Please be quiet!

2. used to be polite when asking for something:
I’d like a cup of coffee, please.
Please can I go to Rebecca’s house?

3. said in order to politely accept something that someone offers you:
‘More wine?’ ‘Yes, please.’

4. Please! informal
a) said when you think what someone has just said or asked is not possible or reasonable:
Oh, please, he’d never do that.
b) used to ask someone to stop behaving badly:
Alison! Please!

5. please Sir/Mrs Towers etc British English spoken used by children to get an adult’s attention

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II. please2 W3 verb
[Word Family: adjective: pleasantunpleasant, pleaseddispleased, pleasingdispleasing, pleasurable; adverb: pleasantlyunpleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably; noun: pleasantry, pleasuredispleasure; verb: pleasedisplease]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: plaisir, from Latin placere 'to please, be decided']

1. [intransitive, transitive not in progressive] to make someone happy or satisfied:
a business that wants to please its customers
She did everything she could to please him.
Most children are eager to please.
be hard/easy/impossible etc to please
She’s hard to please. Everything has to be perfect.

2. [intransitive not in progressive] used in some phrases to show that someone can do or have what they want:
She does what she pleases.
however/whatever etc you please
You can spend the money however you please.
With the Explorer pass, you can get on and off the bus as you please.

3. please yourself spoken used when telling someone to do whatever they like, even though really you think they are making the wrong choice:
‘I don’t think I’ll go.’ ‘Okay, please yourself.’

4. if you please old-fashioned
a) formal used to politely ask someone to do something:
Close the door, if you please.
b) British English used to show that you are surprised, angry, or annoyed about something:
He asked me, in my own house if you please, to leave the room!

5. bold/calm/cool etc as you please British English spoken very bold, calm etc, in a way that is surprising:
He just walked in and sat down, as bold as you please.

6. please God used to express a very strong hope or wish:
Everything will be all right, please God.

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ADV. enormously The result pleased us enormously.
VERB + PLEASE be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to Some children are very difficult to please.
be easy to | be eager to He's always very eager to please.
try to | fail to The planning policy failed to please anyone.
PHRASES there's no pleasing sb There's just no pleasing some people. (= Some people are impossible to please.)

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BAD: Please, if you cannot come, let me know as soon as possible.
GOOD: Please let me know as soon as possible if you cannot come.

Usage Note:
Please does not usually come immediately before a subordinate clause ('if you cannot come').
Note the usual positions: 'Please let me know as soon as you can.' 'Will you please let me know as soon as you can?' 'Will you let me know as soon as you can, please?'

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See: as you please

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