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pleased /pliːzd/ adjective

خوش ، بشاش ، باصفا
Synonyms: happy, chuffed (Brit. slang), contented, delighted, euphoric, glad, gratified, over the moon (informal), satisfied, thrilled
English Thesaurus: satisfied, happy, pleased, content, fulfilled, ...

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pleased S2 W3 /pliːzd/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: pleasantunpleasant, pleaseddispleased, pleasingdispleasing, pleasurable; adverb: pleasantlyunpleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably; noun: pleasantry, pleasuredispleasure; verb: pleasedisplease]

1. happy or satisfied:
Your dad will be so pleased.
She seemed pleased by the compliment.
pleased about
I could tell she was pleased about something.
pleased with
Gwinn was pleased with the results.
pleased for
That’s wonderful! I’m really pleased for you.
pleased (that)
Her mother was pleased that she chose a college close to home.
pleased to hear/see/report etc
I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve got the job.

2. (I’m) pleased to meet you spoken formal used as a polite greeting when you meet someone for the first time

3. pleased to help/assist very willing or happy to help:
If there’s anything we can do, we’d be pleased to help.

4. pleased with yourself feeling proud or satisfied because you think you have done something clever, often in a way that annoys other people:
Miranda, pleased with herself for getting it right, sat down.

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VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound
ADV. awfully, dead, especially, extremely, genuinely, immensely, inordinately, more than, only too, particularly, really, ridiculously, very, well | far from, not at all, not best She seemed surprised and not at all pleased to see him.
fairly, mildly, pretty, quite, rather, reasonably | half He laughed, half pleased and half resentful.
enough They seemed pleased enough with the result.
apparently | clearly, evidently, obviously | quietly, secretly | oddly, strangely | always I am always pleased to hear from former students.
PREP. about pleased about the move
at She seemed pleased at our success.
by You must be pleased by their confidence in you.
for I'm very pleased for you both.
with We are immensely pleased with this result.

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