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pleasing /ˈpliːzɪŋ/ adjective

باصفا ، دلگشا ، خوش ایند ، بشاش ، موجب مسرت
Synonyms: enjoyable, agreeable, charming, delightful, engaging, gratifying, likable or likeable, pleasurable, satisfying
Antonyms: displeasing, repellent
Related Words: satisfactory, suitable, enchanting, winning, adorable, darling, delightful
English Thesaurus: satisfying, rewarding, fulfilling, pleasing, gratifying, ...

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pleasing /ˈpliːzɪŋ/ adjective formal
[Word Family: adjective: pleasantunpleasant, pleaseddispleased, pleasingdispleasing, pleasurable; adverb: pleasantlyunpleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably; noun: pleasantry, pleasuredispleasure; verb: pleasedisplease]
giving pleasure, enjoyment, or satisfaction:
a pleasing sound
pleasing to
a design that is pleasing to the eye
—pleasingly adverb:
a pleasingly relaxed atmosphere

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VERBS be | find sth
ADV. extremely, particularly, very | quite, rather | aesthetically aesthetically pleasing colour combinations
PREP. to a design which is pleasing to the eye

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