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pleasure /ˈpleʒə $ -ər/ noun

کیف ، خوشی ، عیش ، شهوترانی ، انبساط ، بخشیدن ، خوشایند بودن ، لذت بردن ، روانشناسی: لذت
Synonyms: happiness, amusement, bliss, delectation, delight, enjoyment, gladness, gratification, joy, satisfaction
Antonyms: displeasure
Contrasted words: vexation, annoyance, anger, affliction, distress, sorrow, trouble
Related Words: bliss, felicity, happiness, kick, thrill
English Thesaurus: fun, enjoyment, pleasure, good/great time, a blast, ...

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pleasure S2 W2 /ˈpleʒə $ -ər/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: pleasantunpleasant, pleaseddispleased, pleasingdispleasing, pleasurable; adverb: pleasantlyunpleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably; noun: pleasantry, pleasuredispleasure; verb: pleasedisplease]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: plaisir; please2]

1. [uncountable] the feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction that you get from an experience ⇒ pleasant
with pleasure
She sipped her drink with obvious pleasure.
for pleasure
Are you taking the trip for business or pleasure?

2. [countable] an activity or experience that you enjoy very much ⇒ pleasant:
the simple pleasures of life
be a pleasure to read/work with/watch etc
Carol was a pleasure to work with.

3. (it’s) my pleasure spoken used when someone has thanked you for doing something and you want to say that you were glad to do it

4. [singular] spoken formal used to be polite when you are meeting someone, asking for something, agreeing to do something etc
have the pleasure of (doing) something
May I have the pleasure of seeing you again?
It’s been a pleasure to meet you.
It’ll be a pleasure/With pleasure (=used to respond to a request)
‘Give the kids a hug for me.’ ‘With pleasure.’

5. at your pleasure formal if you can do something at your pleasure, you can do it when you want to and in the way you want to

6. at His/Her Majesty’s pleasure British English law if someone is put in prison at His or Her Majesty’s pleasure, there is no fixed limit to the time they have to spend there

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I. enjoyment
ADJ. considerable, deep, enormous, great, intense It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome my next guest.
genuine, real | pure, sheer | quiet The audience nodded with quiet pleasure at her remark.
obvious | endless Children find endless pleasure in playing with water.
malicious, perverse, sadistic | vicarious He gained vicarious pleasure from watching people laughing and joking.
aesthetic, physical, sensual, sexual
VERB + PLEASURE bring (sb), give (sb), provide | derive, find, gain, get, take My grandfather got immense pleasure out of life until the end.
PREP. for ~ Some people read for pleasure, and others read to study.
with ~ His eyes lit up with pleasure.
~ at He beamed with pleasure at seeing her.
~ from She was deriving a perverse pleasure from his discomfort.
~ in They took great pleasure in each other's company.
PHRASES business and pleasure I often meet useful people at parties, so I combine business with pleasure.
have the pleasure of sth May I have the pleasure of the next dance?

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II. sth that makes you happy
ADJ. great | doubtful, dubious the dubious pleasure of growing up in the public eye
little, simple one of life's little pleasures
fleeting, momentary, temporary
VERB + PLEASURE have (formal) I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you again.
enjoy | forego
PLEASURE + NOUN boat, craft
PHRASES the pleasures of life She enjoys the simple pleasures of life.
the pleasures of the flesh Priests promise to forego the pleasures of the flesh.

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take pleasure in (doing) something
He takes great pleasure in boasting about his big salary.
get pleasure from/out of something
Young children get a lot of pleasure from dressing up.
find pleasure in (doing) something
I find great pleasure in reading.
give (somebody) pleasure
Over the years, painting has given me a lot of pleasure.
bring pleasure to somebody (=give someone pleasure)
His singing has brought pleasure to millions.
derive pleasure from something formal (=get pleasure from it)
I derive great pleasure from playing chess.
great/enormous/immense pleasure
Steinbeck’s books have brought enormous pleasure to many people.
sheer/pure pleasure
He studied ancient languages for the sheer pleasure of learning.
genuine/real pleasure
She smiled with genuine pleasure.
perverse pleasure (=unreasonable, surprising, or bad)
Some people derive perverse pleasure from the suffering of others.
a source of pleasure
Her garden was a constant source of pleasure.

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BAD: As mayor of this town, it gives me a great pleasure to welcome you.
GOOD: As mayor of this town, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you.

Usage Note:
it gives sb great pleasure to do sth (WITHOUT a ): 'It gives me great pleasure to introduce today's guest speaker.'
Compare: 'It is a great pleasure for me to introduce ...'

BAD: A lot of people work for their pleasure, not because of financial obligations.
GOOD: A lot of people work for pleasure, not because of financial obligations.

Usage Note:
do sth for pleasure (WITHOUT his/our/their etc ): 'She used to be in the national team but now she swims just for pleasure.'

BAD: It's the first time that I've had the pleasure to meet her.
GOOD: It's the first time that I've had the pleasure of meeting her.

Usage Note:
be pleased to do sth BUT have the pleasure of doing sth : 'In Java I had the pleasure of attending a traditional wedding ceremony.'

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