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become /bɪˈkʌm/ verb (past tense became /-ˈkeɪm/, past participle become)

Irregular Forms: (became)

شدن ، برازیدن ، امدن به ، مناسب بودن ، تحویل یافتن ، درخوربودن ، زیبنده بودن
- come to be, alter to, be transformed into, change into, develop into, grow into, mature into, ripen into
- suit, embellish, enhance, fit, flatter, set off
Related Idioms: get to be, turn out to be
Related Words: arise, mount, rise, soar
English Thesaurus: become, get, go, turn, grow, ...

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become S1 W1 /bɪˈkʌm/ verb (past tense became /-ˈkeɪm/, past participle become)
[Language: Old English; Origin: becuman 'to come to, become', from cuman 'to come']

1. [linking verb] to start to have a feeling or quality, or to start to develop into something:
The weather became warmer.
Slowly my eyes became accustomed to the darkness.
Helen became increasingly anxious about her husband’s strange behaviour.
Pollution from cars has become a major problem.

2. [linking verb] to start to have a job or position:
George became king at the age of 54.
When did you first want to become a teacher?

3. [transitive not in progressive] formal to be suitable for someone, or to look attractive on them Synonym : suit:
Blue really becomes her.
Don’t try to be clever – it doesn’t become you.

4. what became of ...?/whatever will become of ...? used to ask what has happened to someone or something, especially when you have not seen them for a long time, or what will happen to someone that you are worried about:
What became of those Chinese vases that Mum used to have?
Whatever will become of Sam when his wife dies?

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BAD: Eventually I became to like Singapore.
GOOD: Eventually I came to like Singapore.

Usage Note:
Become means 'start to be' and is followed by an adjective or noun (NOT a verb): 'We didn't meet again until after she had become famous.' 'Brunei became an independent member of the Commonwealth in 1984.'
When talking about a gradual change in the way a person feels or thinks about someone or something, use come/grow + to-v (NOT become ): 'Although she had come to dislike her boss, she tried not to let it show.' 'As the months passed, I actually grew to enjoy his company.'

BAD: When my first child was born, I became to think seriously about my future.
GOOD: When my first child was born, I began to think seriously about my future.

Usage Note:
begin/start to do sth (NOT become ): 'My evenings were free and so I began to learn German.'

BAD: The housing problem in Hong Kong becomes more serious.
GOOD: The housing problem in Hong Kong is becoming more serious.

Usage Note:
To refer to something that is still happening or taking place, use the present progressive tense of become : 'It's becoming difficult to find somewhere to park.'

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