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deed /diːd/ noun [countable]

فعل ، در CL به سند رسمی اطلاق می شود که نوعا "جهت انتقال اموال غیر منقول به کار میرود عمل ، مدرک ، کردار ، کار ، سند ، باقباله واگذار کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: سند ، کردار ، بازرگانی: سند ، قرارداد
- action, achievement, act, exploit, fact, feat, performance
- document, contract, title
Related Idioms: bold stroke
Related Words: gaining, securing, winning, adventure, enterprise, quest, cause, crusade, bargain, compact, contract, covenant, pact
English Thesaurus: action, act, act of violence/kindness/defiance etc, activities, behaviour, ...

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deed /diːd/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: verb: do, outdo, overdo, redo, undo; noun: deedmisdeed, do, doing; adjective: done, overdone, undone]
[Language: Old English; Origin: dæd]

1. formal something someone does, especially something that is very good or very bad:
After the morning’s good deeds he deserved a rest.
She tried to strangle her baby and her lover helped her finish the evil deed.

2. law an official paper that is a record of an agreement, especially an agreement concerning who owns property:
a mortgage deed

3. in deed in what you do:
Everyone sins at some time, in thought if not in deed.

4. your good deed for the day something kind or helpful that you do – used humorously

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ADJ. brave, daring, glorious, good, great, heroic, mighty, noble She felt that she had done her good deed for the day.
dark, dastardly, dirty, evil, terrible The prince swore she would be punished for her dastardly deeds.
VERB + DEED do, perform, perpetrate She would not be able to relax until the deed was done. warriors who performed glorious deeds evil deeds perpetrated by wicked people
PREP. in ~(s) He frequently expressed his love for her in words if not in deeds.

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