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doing /ˈduːɪŋ/ noun

doe: گوزن ماده ، خرگوش ماده
Synonyms: action, accomplishment, act, thing

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doing /ˈduːɪŋ/ noun
[Word Family: verb: do, outdo, overdo, redo, undo; noun: deedmisdeed, do, doing; adjective: done, overdone, undone]

1. be sb’s (own) doing if something bad is someone’s doing, they did or caused it:
If you fall into this trap, it will be all your own doing.

2. take some doing informal to be hard work:
We had to be on the parade ground for 5.30 a.m. and that took some doing.

3. doings [plural] events, activities etc that someone is involved in:
Supper is a family get-together, where the doings of the day are talked about.

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