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done /dʌn/
done adjective [not before noun, no comparative]

Irregular Forms: ⇒ {do}

(بازگشت شود به) do ، انجام شده ، وقوع یافته
کامپیوتر: انجام شد

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Synonyms: decorous, becoming, befitting, comme il faut, conforming, correct, decent, nice, proper, right, complete, completed, concluded, down, ended, finished, terminated, through, effete, all in, depleted, done in, drained, exhausted, far-gone, spent, used up, worn-out, washed-up
English Thesaurus: during, all through, over, in the course of something, within, ...

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I. done1 /dʌn/
the past participle of do

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II. done2 adjective [not before noun, no comparative]
[Word Family: verb: do, outdo, overdo, redo, undo; noun: deedmisdeed, do, doing; adjective: done, overdone, undone]

1. FINISHED finished or completed Synonym : finished:
The job’s nearly done.
somebody is done (with something) (=someone has finished doing or using something)
As soon as I’m done, I’ll give you a call.
Are you done with this magazine?
I’ll be glad when the exams are over and done with (=completely finished).

2. COOKED cooked enough to eat ⇒ overdone, underdone:
Is the pasta done yet?

3. be done for informal to be in serious trouble or likely to fail:
If we get caught, we’re done for.

4. done in informal extremely tired:
You look done in.

5. be done (also be the done thing British English) to be socially acceptable:
Showing affection in public just isn’t done in Japan.

6. be done with it (also have done with it British English) used to tell someone to stop thinking about or trying to decide something because they have already done this enough:
Just buy it and have done with it!

7. be done British English informal to be deceived or cheated:
If you paid £50, you were done, mate!

8. be/get done British English informal to be caught by the police for doing something illegal, but usually not too serious
be/get done for
I got done for speeding last night.

9. a done deal informal an agreement that has been made and cannot be changed:
The merger is far from a done deal.

10. done and dusted British English informal completely finished or completed:
It was all done and dusted within forty-five minutes.
be hard done by at hard2(6)

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III. done3 interjection
used to agree to and accept the conditions of a deal:
‘I’ll give you $90 for it.’ ‘Done!’

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