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turn /tɜːn $ tɜːrn/ verb
turn noun

تراشیدن ، دور زدن ، پیچ مسیر ، تاباندن ، پیچ تغییر سمت ناگهانی اسکیت ، نوبت ، چرخش ، گردش (بدور محور یامرکزی) ، چرخ ، گشت ماشین تراش ، پیچ خوردگی ، قرقره ، استعداد ، میل ، تمایل ، تغییر جهت ، تاه زدن ، برگرداندن ، پیچاندن ، گشتن ، چرخیدن ، گرداندن ، وارونه کردن ، تبدیل کردن ، تغییر دادن ، دگرگون ساختن ، علوم مهندسی: دور ، الکترونیک: دور ، ورزش: برگشت شناگر ، علوم هوایی: تغییر زاویه ای مسیر هواپیما
الکترونیک: چرخیدن ، تراشیدن ، دور زدن ، چرخش ، گردش ، دور ، علوم مهندسی: نوبت ، پیچ مسیر ، چرخیدن ، تاباندن ، پیچ تغییر سمت ناگهانی اسکیت ، برگشت شناگر ، ورزشی: تغییر زاویه ای مسیر هواپیما ، هواپیمایی: دور ، الکترونیک: نوبت ، چرخش ، گردش( بدور محور یامرکزی)، چرخ ، گشت ماشین تراش ، پیچ خوردگی ، قرقره ، استعداد، میل ، تمایل ، تغییر جهت ، تاه زدن ، برگرداندن ، پیچاندن ، گشتن ، چرخیدن ، گرداندن ، وارونه کردن ، تبدیل کردن ، تغییر دادن ، دگرگون ساختن کامپیوتر: تبدیل ، تغییر

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- change course, move, shift, swerve, switch, veer, wheel
- rotate, circle, go round, gyrate, pivot, revolve, roll, spin, twist, whirl
- change, alter, convert, mould, mutate, remodel, shape, transform
- shape, fashion, frame, make, mould
- go bad, curdle, go off (Brit. informal), sour, spoil, taint
- rotation, circle, cycle, gyration, revolution, spin, twist, whirl
- shift, departure, deviation
- opportunity, chance, crack (informal), go, stint, time, try
- direction, drift, heading, tendency, trend
- good turn: act, action, deed, favour, gesture, service
Contrasted words: call off, detract (from), distract, divert (from), draw (away), avoid, dodge, shy (away)
Related Idioms: turn one's hand (or energies) to
Related Words: orbit, pirouette, spin, twirl, whirl, twist, weave, wind, circulate, eddy, swirl, oscillate, sway, swing, vibrate, discompose, undo, unbalance, depart, detract, deviate, digress, diverge, move, shift, switch, swivel, zigzag, call off, double (back), reverse, shunt, sidetrack, bend, curve, detour, rechannel, turn away, employ, use, plunge (into), undertake, change (into), pass (into), course, drift, trend, corner, bias, disposition, predisposition, construction, interpretation, device, gimmick, trick
English Thesaurus: become, get, go, turn, grow, ...

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I. turn1 S1 W1 /tɜːn $ tɜːrn/ verb
[Word Family: noun: turn, upturn, turning; verb: turn, overturn; adjective: upturned]
[Date: 1000-1100; Origin: Partly from Latin tornare 'to turn on a lathe', from turnus 'lathe', from Greek tornos; partly from Old French torner, tourner 'to turn', from Latin tornare]

1. YOUR BODY [intransitive and transitive] to move your body so that you are looking in a different direction ⇒ twist:
Ricky turned and walked away.
She turned her head in surprise.
turn around/round/away
Dan turned away, hiding the fear in his eyes.
turn (your head/face) to do something
He turned around to look at Kim.
‘No,’ she said, turning her head to see David’s reaction.
Brigitte glared at him, turned on her heel (=turned away suddenly because of anger), and stomped out of the room.

2. OBJECT [transitive usually + adverb/preposition] to move something so that it is pointing or aiming in a different direction
turn something around/over/upside down etc
You may turn over your exam papers now.
turn something on something/somebody
The firemen turned their hoses on the blaze.
turn something to face something/somebody
Could you turn your chairs to face this way?
turn a/the page (=move a page in a book over so that you can read the next page)
turn something down/up
He turned down the corner of the sheet to peep at the baby.

a) [intransitive and transitive] to go in a new direction when you are walking, driving etc, or to make the vehicle you are using do this:
I watched until he turned the corner.
turn left/right
Turn left at the church.
turn into/onto/down etc
She cycled up the street and turned into Long Road.
Turning the car around, we headed home.
b) [intransitive] if a road, river etc turns, it curves and starts to go in a new direction:
Further on, the river turns east.
The road turns sharply at the top of the hill.

4. MOVE AROUND CENTRAL POINT [intransitive and transitive] to move around a central or fixed point, or to make something move in this way:
The wheels turned slowly, then picked up speed.
For some reason, the key wouldn’t turn.
turn the handle/knob/key/tap etc
She gently turned the handle of the bedroom door.

5. CHANGE [linking verb, transitive] to start to have a different quality, or to make something do this
turn (something) red/blue/white etc
Rose’s hair was already turning grey.
In October the leaves turn orange and yellow.
The sun had turned the sky a glowing pink.
the weather turns cold/nasty etc (also it turns cold/nasty etc)
Then it turned cold and started to rain.
turn nasty/mean/violent etc (=suddenly become angry, violent etc)
The police are worried that the situation could turn violent.

6. ATTENTION/THOUGHTS [intransitive and transitive] to start to think about, deal with, look at etc a particular person, thing, or subject, instead of what you were thinking about etc before
turn your attention/thoughts/efforts etc to something/somebody
Many investors have turned their attention to opportunities abroad.
Phil turned his gaze towards the older man.
turn to/towards etc something
As usual, the conversation turned back to her children.
Now is the time of year when thoughts turn in the direction of summer holidays.
Next the Senator turned to education.

7. turn your back (on somebody/something)
a) to refuse to help, support, or be involved with someone or something:
How can you turn your back on your own mother?
In his twenties he turned his back on his Catholic faith.
b) to turn so that your back is pointing towards someone or something, and you are not looking at them:
Angrily, she turned her back on him.

8. AGE/TIME [transitive] to become a particular age, or to reach a particular time
somebody turns 15/20/40 etc
My son’s just turned 18.
it’s turned 2 o'clock/5/midday etc
It’s just turned three.

9. turn something inside out
a) to pull a piece of clothing, bag etc so that the inside is facing out:
Turn the sweater inside out before you wash it.
b) (also turn something upside down) to search everywhere for something, in a way that makes a place very untidy:
Thieves had turned the house upside down.
c) (also turn something upside down/turn something on its head) to completely change the way that something is done, organized, thought about etc:
New approaches to marketing turn old practices upside down.
Her opinion of him had been turned on its head.

10. have turned the corner to start to improve after going through a difficult period or experience:
The manager of the hotel chain claims that they have turned the corner.

11. MAKE/LET GO OUT [transitive] to make or let someone or something go out from where they are
turn somebody/something out/outside/into etc (something)
Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured board.
There are some criminals who cannot be turned loose onto the streets.

12. TIDE [intransitive] if the tide turns, the sea starts to come in or go out again

13. CHANGE DEVELOPMENT [intransitive and transitive] if something such as a war, situation, game of sport etc turns, or someone turns it, something happens to change the way it is developing:
Mills turned the game by scoring twice.
The victory turned the tide of the war in North Africa.

14. turn traitor to be disloyal to a person, group, or idea that you have strongly supported before

15. turn your ankle to twist your ankle in a way that injures it Synonym : sprain:
Wright turned his ankle in the first minutes of the game.

16. an actor turned politician/a housewife turned author etc someone who has done one job and then does something completely different ⇒ poacher turned gamekeeper at poacher

17. turn sb’s head to be attractive in a romantic or sexual way:
She turned heads whenever she walked into a room.

18. turn (people’s) heads if something turns people’s heads, they are surprised by it:
It did turn some heads when he moved back to the village.

19. turn a profit American English to make a profit

20. turn a phrase to say something in a particular way:
Cohen knows how to turn a phrase in his lyrics.

21. LAND [transitive] to break up soil so that it is ready for growing crops:
a distant tractor turning the soil

22. WOOD/METAL [transitive] to shape a wooden or metal object using a special tool

23. MILK [intransitive] British English if milk turns, it becomes sour
turn a blind eye (to something) at blind1(3), ⇒ turn the other cheek at cheek1(4), ⇒ turn full circle at circle1(6), ⇒ somebody would turn in their grave at grave1(3), ⇒ not turn a hair at hair(11), ⇒ turn your hand to (doing) something at hand1(26), ⇒ turn over a new leaf at leaf1(3), ⇒ turn your nose up (at something) at nose1(5), ⇒ turn your stomach at stomach1(4), ⇒ turn the tables (on somebody) at table1(5), ⇒ turn tail at tail1(9)

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II. turn2 S1 W1 noun
[Word Family: noun: turn, upturn, turning; verb: turn, overturn; adjective: upturned]

1. CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING [countable] the time when it is your chance, duty, or right to do something that each person in a group is doing one after the other Synonym : go British English
turn to do something
Whose turn is it to set the table?
It’s your turn. Roll the dice.
I think it’s our turn to drive the kids to school this week.

In everyday English, people often say that it is someone’s go in a game rather than turn:
Whose go is it now?
Wait until it’s your go.

2. take turns (also take it in turns) British English if two or more people take turns doing work, using something etc, they do it one after the other, for example in order to share the work or play fairly:
You’ll have to take turns on the swing.
take turns doing something
The students were taking turns reading aloud.
take turns in doing something British English:
We took turns in pushing the bike along.
take turns to do something
Dan and I usually take turns to cook.

3. in turn
a) as a result of something:
Interest rates were cut and, in turn, share prices rose.
b) one after the other, especially in a particular order:
Each of us in turn had to describe how alcohol had affected our lives.

4. ROAD [countable]
a) American English a place where one road goes in a different direction from the one you are on Synonym : turning British English:
According to the map we missed our turn back there.
take the first/a wrong etc turn (=go along the first etc road)
I think we took a wrong turn coming out of town.
Take the second turn on the left.
b) a curve in a road, path etc:
There’s a sharp turn coming up ahead.

5. CHANGE DIRECTION [countable] a change in the direction you are moving
make a left/right turn
Make a left turn at the station.

6. CHANGE IN EVENTS [countable] a sudden or unexpected change that makes a situation develop in a different way
take a dramatic/fresh/different etc turn
From then on, our fortunes took a downward turn.
My career had already taken a new turn.
The President was stunned by the sudden turn of events.
take a turn for the worse/better
Two days after the operation, Dad took a turn for the worse.

7. the turn of the century/year the beginning of a new century or year:
the short period from the turn of the century until World War One

8. at every turn happening again and again, especially in an annoying way:
problems that presented themselves at every turn

9. ACT OF TURNING SOMETHING [countable] the act of turning something completely around a fixed point:
I gave the screw another two or three turns.

10. by turns changing from one quality, feeling etc to another:
By turns, a 14 year old is affectionate then aggressive, silent then outspoken.

11. turn of phrase
a) the ability to say things in a clever or funny way:
Kate has a colourful turn of phrase.
b) a particular way of saying something Synonym : expression:
What a strange turn of phrase!

12. speak/talk out of turn to say something you should not say in a particular situation, especially because you do not have enough authority to say it:
I’m sorry if I spoke out of turn, Major Karr.

13. do somebody a good/bad turn to do something that is helpful or unhelpful for someone:
You did me a good turn by driving Max home last night.

14. one good turn deserves another used to say that if someone does something nice for you, you should do something nice for them

15. turn of mind the particular way that someone usually thinks or feels
an academic/practical etc turn of mind
youngsters with an independent turn of mind

16. on the turn British English
a) if the tide is on the turn, the sea is starting to come in or go out
b) starting to change, or in the process of changing:
Hopefully my luck was on the turn.
c) if milk, fish, or other food is on the turn, it is no longer fresh

17. turn of speed British English a sudden increase in your speed, or the ability to increase your speed suddenly:
He’s a top goalkicker with a surprising turn of speed.

18. done to a turn British English to be perfectly cooked

19. take a turn in/on etc something old-fashioned to walk somewhere for pleasure

20. give somebody a turn old-fashioned to frighten someone

21. have a turn British English old-fashioned to feel slightly ill

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I. act of turning sb/sth round
ADJ. full, half, quarter a full turn of the handle to the right
90-degree, 180-degree, etc. | quick a quick turn of his head
VERB + TURN give sth Give the knob a turn.

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II. change of direction
ADJ. left/left-hand, right/right-hand | sharp | wide | sudden | three-point (see also U-turn)
VERB + TURN do, make, negotiate She stopped talking as she negotiated a particularly sharp turn.
PHRASES at every turn (figurative) At every turn I met with disappointment.
a turn to the left/right He made a sudden turn to the right.
twists and turns (figurative) trying to follow all the twists and turns of the plot

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III. (also
) bend/corner in a road

ADJ. next | wrong
VERB + TURN take He took a wrong turn and ended up on the coast road.
PHRASES a turn on the left/right Take the next turn on the right.
twists and turns a lane full of twists and turns

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IV. time when you must or may do sth
VERB + TURN have, take Can I have a turn? I'll take a turn making the dinner?you have a rest. The children took turns on the swing.
miss If you can't put any cards down you have to miss a turn.
give sb Give Sarah a turn on the swing.
wait Be patient and wait your turn!
come to By the time it came to my turn to sing, I was a bag of nerves.
TURN + VERB come When my turn finally came, I was shaking with nerves.
PREP. in ~ (= one after the other) They gave their names in turn.
in sb's ~ She had not been friendly to Pete and he, in his turn, was cold to her when she came to stay. | out of ~ (= before or after your turn) I'm writing to you out of turn because I have some very important news.

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V. change
ADJ. dramatic, sudden, unexpected | different, new | downward
VERB + TURN take Her career took an unexpected turn when she moved to New York.
PREP. by ~(s) This movie is by turn (= alternately) terrifying and very funny.
on the ~ (= changing) Our luck is on the turn.
PHRASES take a turn for the better/worse I'm afraid Grandma has taken a turn for the worse.
a turn of events In a dramatic turn of events she took control of the company into her own hands.

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